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SpeedFlex Widgets

The Emplifi Ratings & Reviews SpeedFlex widgets are the result of our ongoing commitment to your success. Customer and shopper feedback, extensive user testing, and lots of experimentation have resulted in our current widget design and architecture.

Emplifi develops and pushes out product advancements to you regularly with no effort on your part. This is achieved by using a multi-tenancy SaaS model (all Emplifi Ratings & Reviews widget implementations share the same server-side code base) and putting reasonable restrictions on customizations so that future updates do not require you to conduct additional testing.

For installation instructions, see the details for each component or consult Basic Install for a compilation of installation steps for all components.




Ratings & Reviews

Review Summary widget

Visual aggregation of a product's rating & review data, and a button for shoppers to submit a review.

Review List widget

Shows all published individual reviews for a product.

Review Submission Form

Allows shoppers to provide feedback after clicking 'write a review' or a link in the Review Solicitation Email.

The Do More Screen

Prompts shoppers to complete reviews or answer questions for purchased products.

Teaser Widget

Displays the average star rating and can include a count of reviews with links to the content on the page.

Subdimension Teaser

Displays a summary or visualization of a product review subdimension.

Community Q&A

Instant Answers widget

Allows shoppers to ask a question and see relevant Q&A, reviews, and knowledge base article results.

Q&A List widget

Displays a list of shopper questions and answers for a product.

Teaser Widget

Displays counts of questions and answers with links to the content on the page.

Checkout Comments

Comment Capture

Collects sentiment by asking shoppers 'Why did you choose this product?' on the order confirmation page.

Comments Display Widget

Displays comments for a SKU or category in a widget that can be placed prominently on the product detail page.

Comments Pinboard

Displays published Checkout Comments under a product photo and title that link to your product detail page.

Comments Pinboard Teaser

Showcases the latest Checkout Comments for active SKUs, brands, content tags, and product categories.

Top Comment Widget

Promotes customer testimonials on product detail, product listing, or custom landing pages.

Teaser Widget

Displays counts of comments with links to the content on the page.

Visual Reviews

Visual Content Pinboard

Showcases a collection of customer-submitted photos and videos in a responsive browsing experience.

Visual Content Gallery Row Widget

Showcases a single row of customer-submitted photos and videos for one or more SKUs or product categories.

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