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SpeedFlex Widget Implementation

This section provides details specific to widget implementations. You'll also need to take other steps that are relevant for all implementation types, such as setting up data feeds. See Getting Started with Emplifi Ratings & Reviews for a high-level overview of the steps required for all Emplifi Ratings & Reviews implementations.

What Emplifi provides

Soon after kick-off, your Emplifi Customer Success Manager will provide you with:

  • A test and production Emplifi Ratings & Reviews environment for each site you are integrating with Emplifi.

  • A test Site Key and a production Site Key for you to incorporate into the Emplifi Ratings & Reviews snippet on your site.

  • Emplifi user accounts for everyone on your team involved in the implementation and QA process

  • User accounts to the, which you can use in addition to your Customer Success Manager

  • Access to the SpeedFlex Design Editor, where you can customize widget displays and layouts

What we need from you

Please send your Emplifi Customer Success Manager:

  • Your development, QA, staging, and user acceptance testing site URLs so that we can complete the domain configuration for your Emplifi Ratings & Reviews test environment

Installing and configuring widgets

Review these guides to help you get started with the SpeedFlex widget installation:

Authentication options

You can use Emplifi's default widget authentication, or you can use our Single Sign-On (SSO) feature to integrate with your existing authentication system. Here's more information about SSO:


Many Emplifi Ratings & Reviews customers require the ability to display content in multiple languages based on locale.

  • See Single and Multi-Lingual Flows to determine which scenario meets your business need.

  • See Localization for steps on enabling multi-language localization for your site, as well as a list of supported languages.

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