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SpeedFlex Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews Single Sign-On (SSO) integrates with your authentication system. Your site's logged-in users can immediately interact with your Emplifi Ratings & Reviews widgets. Unregistered or logged-out users are pushed through your login or registration process.

This document describes how to implement SSO. We provide the structure, data flow, and Emplifi functions. At several points, the implementation code will vary based on the specifics of your authentication system.

SSO configuration overview

At a high level, these are the steps to set up SSO in a Emplifi Ratings & Reviews SpeedFlex implementation. Each section links to detailed instructions.


  1. Update the Emplifi Ratings & Reviews configuration code on your PDP to create the SSO code structure. This adds a field with three functions: userDataFn, loggedInDataFn, and logout.

  2. Fill out the userDataFn function to confirm a user's logged-in status or provide a registration or login form.

  3. Fill out the loggedInDataFn function to get details about the logged-in user.

  4. Fill out the logout function to log out the current user.

You can also review your configuration against our SSO Example Structure.

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