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Getting Started with Emplifi Ratings & Reviews

Welcome! This guide provides a high-level overview of what it takes to get started with Emplifi Ratings & Reviews.

Add Emplifi Ratings & Reviews to your website


  1. Set up Data Feeds for Emplifi Ratings & Reviews to add your catalog information into the platform, keep track of new orders, and use your content in other systems. Feeds are the data transfer pipelines that keep your Emplifi Ratings & Reviews implementation running smoothly and help you make the most of your content.

  2. Select an implementation type: widget, API, hybrid, or e-commerce platform. Your implementation type affects installation steps, feed setup, and how configurations are accomplished.

    • Widget implementation
      A SpeedFlex Widget Implementation is the most common implementation route and requires very little coding. Drop our JavaScript snippets onto your pages and let the content roll in.
      Emplifi makes the theming process simple and easy to follow. We can pull style details directly from your site, and you’re able to customize the widgets to match your layout and display preferences. Review our SpeedFlex Theming Guide to see what you can do.

    • API implementation
      The Ratings & Reviews (TurnTo) API Implementation is the most flexible option. It's also the least plug-and-play. Because the options are endless, you'll need a set of clear requirements along with the developer resources necessary to bring those requirements to life. Reach out to your Emplifi team, who would be more than happy to help you figure out if this option is right for you.

    • Hybrid implementation
      A hybrid option combines widgets and API in a single implementation. Going hybrid makes sense when you want the speed of a widget implementation but have specific requirements best met via our API. For example, you could use the API for a fully-customized display but power your collection forms with SpeedFlex widgets. Discuss your needs with your Emplifi team to see if this option is a good fit.

    • E-commerce platform implementation
      Emplifi Ratings & Reviews integrates with E-commerce Platforms to enable quick setup with your existing ecommerce site. Follow the instructions for your ecommerce platform's cartridge, app, plugin, or extension.



  1. Configure the Landing Page. This is a standalone page on your site where shoppers fill out submission forms, and it can act as a backup when a product page is missing.

  2. Configure Emplifi Ratings & Reviews Emails. Emplifi Ratings & Reviews has many features that help you send your customers the right kind of email at the right time. Learn how to set up your email service provider, customize email headers and contents, and work with interactive emails.
    (info) If you are upgrading from a previous version of Emplifi Ratings & Reviews, ask your Emplifi team to make sure your Auth Key is a 32-character value.

  3. Configure moderation. Emplifi’s robust filter engine scans content for problematic words and gibberish. Because word meanings vary, you can allow or hide terms based on your business needs. You can also enable automatic image moderation. Don’t forget to create accounts for staff and experts to answer customer questions. To learn more, see Manage Ratings & Reviews Users.

  4. Configure reporting. Emplifi offers a powerful set of dashboards that let you view, filter, and export all manner of content collection and engagement metrics. Configure these dashboards, or build your own, along with scheduled email capability, to make reporting available whenever and wherever you need it.

  5. Configure the structured data for your Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization efforts give a boost to Emplifi content you display on your site. Make sure you have a structured data strategy ready to maximize your SEO benefits.

  6. Set up Third-party Integrations. Emplifi Ratings & Reviews integrates with loyalty programs, analytics platforms, and visual marketing systems to enable you to fully leverage your user generated content.

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