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SpeedFlex Theming Guide

The SpeedFlex Theming guide introduces you to the styles and options available in Emplifi Ratings & Reviews SpeedFlex and its component widgets. Understanding your options is the first step in customizing your implementation to best match your business and brand.

We suggest taking some time to look over this guide with your team and project stakeholders. Think about the customizations you want to apply. If you have any questions along the way, please contact your Emplifi Customer Success Manager!

Let’s get started! The main theming areas include:

Custom CSS Styling

If you prefer to make additional customizations to your widgets beyond the scope of the theming options outlined in this document, you may override our default CSS with your own custom CSS. Please send your CSS file to your Customer Success Manager for inclusion in the system.

Next Steps

After you've had a chance to review the main theme areas of the SpeedFlex Theming Guide, please log into the portal and go to your site's SpeedFlex Design Editor by selecting Widgets design editor in the navigation menu. If you do not see this menu option, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get access.

It will be helpful to have the following things handy before you start:

  1. Colors for your theme in HEX format (for example: #000000).

  2. Names of the desired font(s) and how you presently use it. Whether each font is a Google font, Adobe font, self-hosted, etc.

  3. CSS properties of the “Body” text in your store, such as font size, letter-spacing, and line-height.

  4. SVG code for any icons you want to change to your own. Make sure it’s easy to copy and paste.

  5. Which layout templates you'd like to use for the Review List and Review Summary widgets.

SpeedFlex Design Editor

When you have your styling defined, you can create your theme with the Design Editor. First time users will go through the SpeedFlex Setup Wizard Guide. To learn more see Setup Wizard Guide.

If a theme has already been deployed to your widgets, you can update your existing theme. To learn more, see Updating Existing Themes.

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