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Widget Layout

Widget layout in SpeedFlex is adaptive and designed for mobile first, ensuring that your widgets will always look great on any device.

We offer several layout templates for each widget. Each template emphasizes different pieces (and amounts) of consumer review content. The template that’s right for your store, will depend on which types of content you collect from reviewers, and which pieces of that content you want to highlight for your shoppers.



Subdimensions are an opportunity for additional information to be provided in an easy-to-understand way. They take product attributes such as Fit or Comfort and provide a way for that attribute to be rated and visualized.

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews allows you to customize both the subdimensions collected and their placement in the layout of your widgets.

Review Summary


Template AA

This template has room for up to 4 subdimensions but adapts nicely to show less.

Review summary template AA - Large screen layout
Review summary template AA - Medium screen layout
Review summary template AA - Small screen layout

Use this template if…

  • You need room for 4 subdimensions.

  • You plan to display at least 2 subdimensions with room to grow.

Template BB

This minimal template puts the focus on product ratings. It’s the perfect choice when you don’t want to show subdimensions in your Review Summary.

Review summary template BB - Large screen layout
Review summary template BB - Medium screen layout
Review summary template BB - Small screen layout

Use this template if…

  • You will not be displaying any subdimensions.

Template CC

This template gives elements more space while still having enough room for up to two subdimensions.

It also easily adapts to showing zero subdimensions (the third column is empty when none are shown).

Review summary template CC - Large screen layout
Review summary template CC - Medium screen layout
Review summary template CC - Small screen layout

Use this template if…

  • You don’t show subdimensions now, but want some room to grow.

  • You want to show 1 or 2 subdimensions.

Template DD

This template includes a little bit of everything. It has room for up to two subdimensions, as well as a small gallery row.

Review summary template DD - Large screen layout
Review summary template DD - Medium screen layout
Review summary template DD - Small screen layout

Use this template if…

  • You want to show 1 or 2 subdimensions.

  • You want to show a gallery of visual content.

Template EE

This template is ideal if you don’t have subdimensions to display, but would rather showcase a larger gallery of visual content.

Review summary template EE - Large screen layout
Review summary template EE - Medium screen layout
Review summary template EE - Small screen layout

Use this template if…

  • You don’t plan to show any subdimensions.

  • You have (or anticipate having) a lot of visual content to highlight.

Review List


Template A

This template is recommended for clients that plan to take advantage of all the widget features available to enhance the review experience and provide additional context about the product or reviewer. Elements such as author demographics are included, along with room for visual content and plenty of subdimensions.

Like all of our templates, you don’t have to use every available feature. The display can close up unused space.

Review list template A - Large screen layout
Review list template A - Medium screen layout
Review list template A - Small screen layout

Use this template if…

  • You want to display reviewer demographics (“Shopper Profile Attributes”).

  • You expect to show 1-3 subdimensions.

Template B

This template is ideal for showcasing the product rating and review content over subdimensions.

Key elements such as the review body can expand to fill the width of a larger column, with less emphasis placed on subdimensions and review author attributes. Visual content shows where available.

Review list template B - Large screen layout
Review list template B - Medium screen layout
Review list template B - Small screen layout

Use this template if…

  • You want more space allocated to the written product review content.

  • You prefer subdimensions and visual content to be more subdued.

  • You only display 1-2 pieces of information about your review authors (for example, their name, or name plus a badge).

Template C

This is a minimal template, ideal for those who do not wish to show subdimensions. There is room to show visual content, but it’s not required.

Review list template C - Large screen layout
Review list template C - Medium screen layout
Review list template C - Small screen layout

Use this template if…

  • You prefer a simple layout with fewer columns and you don’t need room for subdimensions.

Review Submission Form

The review submission form displays in a modal and inherits all of your SpeedFlex theming properties (colors, fonts, iconography, etc.). All review form elements are block elements and have a fixed display order:

  1. Main review fields - in order of overall rating, review, and review title

  2. Custom review subdimensions (optional; you can modify label text and display order in your Review Settings)

  3. Visual content submissions (for Visual Content customers only)

  4. Default shopper profile dimensions (optional)

  5. Custom shopper profile dimensions (optional)

  6. Sweepstakes opt-in (optional)

  7. Terms of service opt-in (optional)

For more information about these fields, see the Review Submission Form article.

This image shows default styling with a few custom fields:


Questions & Answers

The Q&A widget inherits all of your SpeedFlex theming properties (colors, fonts, iconography, form & button styling, etc.). There are no alternate layout options for this widget, although you may make additional customizations using your own CSS.


Checkout Comments

There are several components to Checkout Comments of note for theming: Comment Capture, Comment Display, Top Comment and the Comments Pinboard. These widgets inherit all of your SpeedFlex theming properties (colors, fonts, iconography, form & button styling, etc.). There are no alternate layout options for them, although you may make additional customizations using your own CSS.

Comment capture can appear in a modal, or embedded on your checkout page:

Comment capture modal

Embedded comment capture

The Comment Display widget is a standalone view of Checkout Comments that can be placed prominently on the product detail page. The shaded conversation bubble appears in the accent color.


The Top Comment widget shows a single comment per product detail page. The quote icon appears in a variation of your base color.


The Comments Pinboard view offers a browsable and shoppable board of products, each accompanied by their respective Checkout Comments. There are two variations of these views available: the Pinboard Teaser and the Pinboard. Each view inherits all of your SpeedFlex theming properties (colors, fonts, iconography, form & button styling, etc.). There are no alternate layout options for them, although you may make additional customizations using your own CSS.

Pinboard Teaser

A single row of shoppable product cards with a call-to-action for viewing the full pinboard.



A masonry-style layout of product cards showing their respective Checkout Comments.


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