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Landing Page

When a shopper clicks on a link in an email or taps a star rating, they are brought to your branded landing page to complete the interaction.

Adding your landing page

The landing page is a standalone page on your site where shoppers complete Emplifi submission forms. Faster loading pages improve submission rates. For the best shopper experience, Emplifi recommends making your landing page a lightweight page that only incorporates your branding and key navigation, along with the code for embedding your submission forms.

Emplifi supports the experience where:

  1. A shopper clicks a link in a Emplifi email, for example a Review Solicitation Email (RSE).
    (tick) Not all email links bring shoppers to a landing page. To see which ones do, view the list of Email Types.

  2. The link brings the user to your landing page.

  3. The Review Submission Form is embedded on that page.

Add your landing page in the Landing Page URL field in the Manage Site area of your Emplifi account.

Landing page options

  • You can choose the Landing On Item Page setting.

    This workflow drives your shopper to a product detail page on your site, where the form appears as an overlay. In this case, the landing page acts as a back-up; for example, the shopper sees the landing page if your product detail page is not available. Ask Emplifi Support for help enabling this option.

  • You can choose to Host Landing Page on Emplifi.

    This is an option if you cannot host a standalone landing page on your site. On a Emplifi-hosted landing page, the Email Header Graphic is used as the page header. No other customizations are available. Ask Emplifi Support for details about this option.

Embedding the review submission form

Ratings & Reviews Submission forms are now embedded in your branded landing page during implementation. If your site was set up before February 2021, contact Emplifi Support to allow embedded submission forms.

The landing page is a standalone page on your site where shoppers complete Emplifi submission forms.


  1. To embed the Ratings & Reviews Submission form, add the following high up on your landing page.

        var turnToConfig = {
          locale: "en_US",
          pageId: "email-landing-page"
    <script src=" SITE KEY/js/turnto.js" async></script> 

    If you are a customer, change to in this snippet.

  2. Replace YOUR SITE KEY with the appropriate value.

  3. To display the Ratings & Reviews Submission form, add this div element to the desired location.

    <div id="tt-embedded-submission"></div>
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