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Emplifi Ratings & Reviews Emails

Email is a great way to communicate with your customers. Emplifi Ratings & Reviews has many features that manage these kinds of communications, sending your customers the right kind of email at the right time.

Let’s get started!

Which emails we send

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews sends many kinds of emails to your shoppers and to your internal teams. To learn more, see Email Types.

Landing page

When a shopper clicks on a link in an email or taps a star rating, they are brought to your branded landing page to complete the interaction.

Ratings & Reviews Submission forms are now embedded in your branded landing page during implementation. If your site was set up before February 2021, contact Emplifi Support to allow embedded submission forms.

Not all email links bring shoppers to a landing page. To see which ones do, view the list of Email Types.

Choosing your email service provider (ESP)

Deciding on your ESP—the company that bulk-sends your email—has a big impact on the process of configuring your email. You can use your own ESP, or allow Emplifi to send the email (we use SendGrid to send customer emails).

To learn more, see Third-Party ESP Integrations.

Featured ESPs

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews has full integration, including Inbox Submission, with the following Email Service Providers (ESPs):

  • Braze

  • Cordial

  • SendGrid (Emplifi's ESP)

Excluding Inbox Submission, Emplifi Ratings & Reviews has integrated with the following ESPs:

For implementation steps, see the links above or contact your Emplifi Customer Success Manager.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Emplifi, ask your Solutions Manager to make sure your Emplifi Auth Key is a 32-character value.

Customizing email headers

When you send an email, you might want the "from" address to appear from your business, even if Emplifi sends it. This is called white labeling. To learn more, see Sending Emplifi Emails Under Your Domain.

It is also possible to send all emails yourself. You can link to our Emplifi Ratings & Reviews widgets using a JSON Web Token (JWT) or collect the data yourself and pass it to us via the API. To explore whether one of these options is right for you, speak with your Emplifi Customer Success Manager.

Customizing email contents

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews sends emails to your shoppers in a variety of situations, and we also offer ways to customize your message. For example, you’ll probably want your company logo at the top of all shopper-facing email communications. Read more about customizing Email Templates.

When a shopper clicks on a link in an email or taps a star rating, the shopper is brought to a lightweight landing page with your site’s branding. Read more about the Landing Page.

Inbox Submission

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews allows you to reach out to your shoppers with fully interactive forms they can complete inside their email client, no browser required.

There are two products with built-in interactivity inside of email messages:

  • Inbox Submission Review Mail allows you to send requests to your shoppers and allow them to write a product review inside of their email client.

  • Inbox Submission Question Mail allows you to send shopper questions to other shoppers, and allow them to answer questions directly inside of their email client.

You can also:

  • Read about ESP support and email client support in Inbox Submission.

  • See Customizing Inbox Submission to learn what changes you can make to your Inbox Submission emails and the differences between basic and advanced customizations.

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