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Emplifi Ratings & Reviews integrates easily with Sailthru using the Sailthru send API endpoint to trigger emails. The integration setup consists of taking a few steps in your Sailthru account and providing details to your Emplifi customer success manager. We'll finish the integration from there.

You can create one template for all Emplifi Ratings & Reviews emails, or you can create a separate template for each email type.


  1. Use the Sailthru template editor to create a new HTML email.

  2. Note the template name, which you'll provide to Emplifi Ratings & Reviews.

  3. In the subject line, add a {subject} Zephyr Template Variable.

  4. In the email body, add a {body} Zephyr Template Variable.
    (warning) The template should be blank except for the {subject} and {body} Zephyr Template Variables.

You can also allow Emplifi Ratings & Reviews to send emails on your behalf using Sailthru.


  1. In My Sailthru, navigate to Settings and open the API & Postbacks page.

  2. Click the lock icon to display your company’s unique Sailthru API key and secret.

  3. Provide these details to your Emplifi customer success manager:

    • Sailthru credentials (API key and secret)

    • Email template name(s)

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