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Third-Party ESP Integrations

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews can integrate with many Email Service Providers (ESPs) in order to send shopper-facing emails. These emails are based on Emplifi Ratings & Reviews products, such as the "Review Solicitation Email" and the "Can You Answer This Question Email".

Before we begin, a quick note about ESPs: they vary widely, some with strict rules and limits to template options. While Emplifi Ratings & Reviews has an understanding of many ESPs, please check with our Technical Services team for compatibility with your platform. (Also, our products with interactive form fields have additional restrictions, so specify if your integration is with an ESP for Inbox Submission Review Mail or Inbox Submission Question Mail.)

Featured ESPs

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews has full integration, including Inbox Submission, with the following Email Service Providers (ESPs):

  • Braze

  • Cordial

  • SendGrid (The Emplifi Ratings & Reviews ESP)

Excluding Inbox Submission, Emplifi Ratings & Reviews has integrated with the following ESPs:

For implementation steps, see the links above or contact your Emplifi Customer Success Manager.

ESP integration requirements

The world of ESPs is constantly evolving. Will your ESP integrate with Emplifi Ratings & Reviews? There are many variables that go into answering this question. For starters, your ESP must have a REST-based or SOAP-based API that has endpoints to send transactional emails.

Beyond this, it's helpful if you can gather and provide the following information.

  • The API endpoint URL to be called to send an email.

  • Login credentials for that API. If there are different credentials for a test environment, you must provide those credentials as well.

  • Documentation that details the parameters to be passed in the API call and what the payload should look like. If the payload is in XML or JSON format, please provide a sample of that XML or JSON.

  • Details about how the ESP will receive the inner template from us in the API payload (JSON or XML). You or your ESP can configure the email outer template (header and footer of the email) on your ESP. In this case, the template must have a placeholder where the inner template coming from Emplifi can be injected, and the API must provide a way to designate the correct outer template.

Note that this information alone does not guarantee an ESP integration—but this is a good start in the evaluation. Please reach out to your Emplifi Customer Success Manager to get started.

Additionally, you or your ESP must configure anything else on your ESP that is necessary for the email to go through. For example, SFMC (ExactTarget) uses Triggered Send Definitions and Data Extensions, and CheetahMail uses event IDs and account IDs.

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