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Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC)

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews communicates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) via their REST API.

Integrating with SFMC

  1. In the Marketing Cloud UI, define your Triggered Email Message Interactions.

  2. Add a Triggered Send Data Extension to your trigger. This holds the email's HTML content and subject line, which Emplifi dynamically passes in the API request.

  3. Provide these details to your Emplifi Customer Success Manager:

    • Your 28-character Marketing Cloud subdomain

    • The triggeredSendDefinitionId for each trigger

    • Client ID for your SFMC account

    • Client secret for your SFMC account

How it works

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews uses the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) API to trigger transactional emails, such as the Review Request email and Answer Question email. Each email type (Review email or Question email) usually has one trigger associated with it.

To invoke a trigger, Emplifi Ratings & Reviews authenticates by sending a POST request with your provided SFMC credentials to the /v1/requestToken endpoint, which returns a bearer token. We use that token when we call the /messaging/v1/messageDefinitionSends/{triggeredSendDefinitionId}/send endpoint to trigger the email send.

For additional detail about this endpoint, see the SFMC API documentation.

Sample integration payload

A sample trigger payload is shown below. Notice how Html_Body and Subject are defined as subscriber attributes. These are the dynamic fields of the email coming from the API payload. In the Marketing Cloud UI, these have been associated with the Triggered Send Data Extension.

  "From": {
    "Address": "",
    "Name": "Acme Anvil Company"
  "To": {
    "Address": "",
    "SubscriberKey": "",
    "ContactAttributes": {
      "SubscriberAttributes": {
        "Html_Body": "Content of email as HTML goes here",
        "Subject": "Wile, how do you like your Acme Anvil - Super Heavy Edition?"
  "Options": {
    "RequestType": "ASYNC"
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