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Inbox Submission

With our Inbox Submission product, you allow your shoppers to create product reviews and answer questions from other shoppers right inside their email client. Once they finish creating content, shoppers are driven back to your site to "Do More," which allows them to add even more user-generated content.

Inbox Submission has strong support across modern email clients and operating systems. That said, getting forms to display correctly and consistently can be tricky. Emplifi has adapted the best device and mail-client detection out there to maximize how many shoppers get the full Inbox Submission experience. Shoppers with unsupported devices or mail clients seamlessly receive the traditional Review Solicitation Email (we call it a fallback).

Featured ESPs

Emplifi has full integration, including Inbox Submission, with the following Email Service Providers (ESPs):

  • Braze

  • Cordial

  • SendGrid (Emplifi's ESP)

If you use another ESP, Emplifi will work with you to determine whether Inbox Submission will work on your ESP.

Supported email clients

The inbox submission Review Submission Email (RSE) form is supported by these mail clients:

  • iPhone (default mail client)

  • iPad (default mail client)

  • Apple Mail

  • Yahoo Mail

  • AOL Mail

When a shopper receives the traditional RSE, even though the client is trying to use Inbox Submission, we call this the fallback rule. For non-supported mail clients, we display a fallback rule email showing our default call-to-action linking to the web form.

Supported functionality varies widely between mail clients and devices.

Email Client



Apple Mail (iOS, macOS)



Outlook /

form / fallback

form / fallback

Yahoo Mail



AOL Mail



Gmail (Web)

form / fallback


Gmail (Mobile App)






For Outlook, we show the form in the following versions. All other versions show the fallback:

  • Outlook 2016, OS X 10.8

  • Outlook 2011, OS X 10.8

  • Outlook 2003, Windows 7

Gmail (Desktop only)

We offer the option to support Gmail (Desktop only) on a customer opt-in basis. Gmail displays a security warning when Inbox Submission is turned on that may impact customer experience and response rates.

Shopper profile attributes

Emplifi displays shopper profile attribute values in the Inbox Submission Review Solicitation Email (RSE) form. This allows shoppers to see their previously-entered profile attributes without having to re-enter responses that have not changed.

What's displayed:

  • Country/State/City profile attributes are never shown in Inbox Submission RSEs. This is because the inline form uses JavaScript to dynamically update the State when a Country is supplied. JavaScript is not allowed in any email client, so we do not include it in Inbox Submission RSEs.

  • All other shopper profile attributes are displayed (age range and any custom).

Default values:

  • If the shopper has previously provided a value for the attribute, the field displays that value.

  • If the shopper has not previously provided a value for the attribute, the field value is blank by default.

Field types:

  • "Select" type profile attributes display and are pre-populated with previous responses.

  • "Free-Form Text" type profile attributes display, but the behavior is different depending on the Emplifi version.

    • v4.3 - input field is pre-populated with the previous response, or blank if no value was previously provided.

    • SpeedFlex - input field is always blank

Display order:

  • Currently, the order of profile attributes as they appear in Emplifi Admin is the order they are asked to the shopper.

  • To reorder the list of shopper profile attributes, delete the items and recreate them in the desired order.

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