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Email Templates

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews uses templates to power shopper-facing emails. By using a template, you have the ability to customize sections of your emails with your branding or marketing messages. Inbox Submission has separate customization guidelines. To learn more, see Customizing Inbox Submission.

Anatomy of an email template


Emplifi builds its emails from these primary components:

  1. Email header graphic (outer top) - This is your company’s logo. You can upload your email header graphic directly to your Emplifi site settings. The header image can be up to 600 pixels wide and can be any height.

  2. Inner template - This is Emplifi’s dynamic email content. Aside from basic font and CSS styling, the layout of this inner template cannot be changed. However, many copy changes are possible. Reach out your Emplifi Customer Success Manager for guidance.

  3. HTML outer template (outer top and bottom) - This is custom content, like images and HTML, that appear on the top and bottom of your email in the header and footer areas. You can include banners for incentive programs within the HTML outer top or outer bottom template areas.

    If you are using Emplifi’s ESP, please provide Emplifi your own outer template (HTML and image URLs) that will be inserted around the Emplifi dynamic email content.

If you plan to use your own ESP, please contact your Emplifi Customer Success Manager so that we can go over guidelines specific to your ESP.

Customizing Emplifi email templates

Emplifi’s emails are designed to generate more UGC for your ecommerce website. Using our base email templates, you can customize the email header graphic, item colors, and email copy. You can change the header image yourself in the Emplifi portal. For other modification, please contact your Emplifi Customer Success Manager.

Emplifi provides functional support and minimal design support to our base emails. If you require more robust customization, such as to your email headers, footers, or coupon call to actions, Emplifi can provide our base email template for you to customize.

Base Emplifi emails

In addition to supporting email functionality, Emplifi supports the following changes to our base email templates.

Header graphic changes

Emplifi’s base email template supports a header graphic with a width of up to 600px, which you can upload or change via the Emplifi portal.

CSS color changes

Emplifi provides support on any color changes within our base template. We support text, link, background, and button color modifications.

Only color changes are supported. Design changes to the base email templates are not supported, such as adjusting margin and padding with CSS or including images in the email body. If you require design adjustments, your email will be considered custom and you will be responsible for implementing those adjustments within with the base email templates.

Email copy changes

Emplifi provides support on copy changes to the subject line and within the email body. Emplifi’s emails work in all locales. It is up to you to provide the copy changes across all supported locales, if needed.

Custom emails

If you require more robust branding, functional, stylistic customizations, please contact your Custom Success Manager and request our base email template. We recommend that you have a frontend email developer on hand before customizing Emplifi’s emails. Review emails are generally considered "transactional" and as such should be light on design and graphics, with the focus being the email’s call to action.

Emplifi does not provide support for issues arising from the customization of our base email templates. You are responsible for the functionality and display support in all email clients, as well hosting any updated images in the template.

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