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Customizing Inbox Submission

Emplifi supports the following basic customizations for all clients with Inbox Submission emails:

  • Adding your own logo (600px wide) to the top of the email

  • Customizing the CSS colors to match your marketing requirements

    • You can change link colors and text decoration.

    • You can change overall body copy color (example: all copy is dark gray).

  • Changing the copy

    • Most copy elements can be changed, but should conform to maximum lengths, otherwise the mobile experience will be compromised, leading to lower submission rates.
      (warning) Extra consideration is needed to add, remove, or change areas like Review other items you recently purchased. Contact Emplifi Support to learn more.

    • A small number of elements are hard-coded and cannot be edited.

What we do not support:

  • Logos wider than 600px, because our email template is 600px wide

  • Custom font faces, because these are inconsistently supported across email clients

  • Custom font styles, because these are inconsistently supported across email clients

  • Graphics beyond the logo:

    • Sweepstakes banners are not supported.

    • Navigation links are not supported.

    • Additional clickable areas inside the logo are not supported. The logo links to the base URL of your site.

Advanced customization

If your Inbox Submission requirements go beyond the basic customization offering, Emplifi offers advanced customization as a premium feature. Advanced customization may incur additional costs and an extended timeline for testing and deployment. Contact Emplifi Support to learn more.

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