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Data Feeds for Emplifi Ratings & Reviews

Feeds are the data transfer pipelines that keep your Emplifi Ratings & Reviews implementation running smoothly and help you make the most of the content you collect. With your feeds configured, the following is possible:

  • Getting your catalog information into Emplifi Ratings & Reviews

  • Integrating your knowledge base content into Community Q&A

  • Ensuring that you never ask customers for reviews for products they've returned

  • Keeping track of new orders

  • Using the content you’ve collected in other systems

Feeds sent to Emplifi Ratings & Reviews

These data feeds provide input into the platform, either as a one-time import or on an ongoing basis.

Required Feeds

  • Catalog Feed
    Details your product and category data in an ongoing feed.

  • JavaScript Order Feed
    Passes newly placed orders from your order confirmation page into Emplifi Ratings & Reviews. This is optional if you're sending your own emails.

  • Historical Order Feed
    Populates the Emplifi Ratings & Reviews system with your past order data during a one-time import. This is optional if you're sending your own emails.

Optional Feeds

  • Knowledge Base File
    Imports articles from your knowledge base into Emplifi Ratings & Reviews so that they display in Q&A Instant Answers search results.

  • Cancelled Order Feed
    Sends the system orders that have been cancelled or returned by your customers so that we do not treat them as owners available to answer questions.

  • Email Opt-Out Feed
    Indicates which customers have opted-out of receiving emails from Ratings & Reviews via your system.

  • Historical Reviews Feed
    Populates the system with your past reviews data during a one-time import.

  • Historical Q&A Feed
    Imports pre-existing Q&A data into the Emplifi Ratings & Reviews Community Q&A.

Feeds coming from Ratings & Reviews

These data feeds are output by Emplifi Ratings & Reviews and can be used in search results, elsewhere on your site, or in third-party systems.

  • SKU Average Rating Feed
    Contains rating and review counts and average star rating by SKU.

  • Emplifi Ratings & Reviews UGC Feed
    Contains all user generated content for your products, either in XML or JSON format.

  • Email Opt-Out Feed from Ratings & Reviews
    Indicates which customers have opted-out of receiving emails from Emplifi Ratings & Reviews in case you need to unsubscribe them from other emails in your own system.

  • Google Shopping Feed
    Allows your site ratings to display in Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads without any additional work on your part. To enable this feature, please talk with your Emplifi Customer Success Manager. You can learn more about Google Product Listing Ads.
    Here is an example of what Google Product Listing Ads look like:


Working with feeds

Learn more with the following articles:

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