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SKU Average Rating Feed

Use the SKU average rating feed to display the review count and average star rating on product listing pages. Depending on the feed format, the SKU average rating feed can include the following data points:

  • Product SKU

  • Review count

  • Average star ratings

  • Rating count

  • Related review count

  • Comment count

  • Q&A counts

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews generates a SKU average rating feed file each day at 3:00 a.m. (ET), 11:00 a.m. (ET), and 6:00 p.m. (ET), and pushes it via FTP. These are the start times of our feed generation job. The exact timing of when your feed file is available varies, and could be as much as 3 hours after the job starts. The file name is turnto-skuaveragerating.xml. The feed file contains data for SKUs that have at least one published review, and will overwrite an existing file of the same name.

SKU average rating feed format

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews can provide the feed in a number of formats. Contact Emplifi Support to identify which SKU average rating feed format is best for you.

  • Rating Count

    • If your feed does not have a rating count, then your review count will include all Emplifi Ratings & Reviews submissions.

    • When your feed includes Rating Count:

      • Rating Count shows the count of all Ratings & Reviews submissions.

      • Review Count only shows a count of submissions that have a review title, review body or both (excluding rating only responses).

  • Checkout Comments
    You can display the Checkout Comment count on product listing pages and category pages.

  • Category Pages
    If you have category pages, you can display the average ratings and review counts for category-level SKUs. Work with Emplifi Support to add "showCategoryDataOnSkuAverageRatingFeed": true to your site config JSON.

Getting the SKU average rating feed

There are two ways you can obtain the SKU average rating feed:

  • Option #1: Contact your Emplifi Customer Success Manager to enable the SKU average rating feed pull in your settings.

    When enabled, the SKU average rating feed is generated nightly and available for download at: SITE KEY/YOUR AUTH KEY/turnto-skuaveragerating.xml


    If you are a customer, change to in this URL.

  • Option #2: Emplifi Ratings & Reviews sends a nightly push of this file to your FTP server.

    Provide the following FTP server details:

    • Server name

    • Server port (if not default)

    • Username

    • Password

    • Folder path

    After you send us the FTP credentials, we will upload the SKU average rating feed to your test FTP site. When we are live, we'll push an updated feed file to your FTP server multiple times each day.

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