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Cancelled Order Feed

The cancelled order feed includes data on orders that have been cancelled or returned by your customers. Emplifi Ratings & Reviews uses this information to ensure that we do not treat these shoppers as owners available to answer questions. This is an optional feed.

Providing the cancelled order feed

You can provide your cancelled order feed to Emplifi Ratings & Reviews by manually uploading the file, supplying the file's URL or FTP location, or setting up automated collection via the TurnTo API for Emplifi Ratings & Reviews.

Manual File Upload


  1. In Emplifi Ratings & Reviews, click Settings → Feeds → Upload Feed.

  2. From the Feed Type dropdown menu, select TurnTo Cancelled Orders.

  3. Select your file, and then click Submit.

Upload File by URL or FTP


  1. In Emplifi Ratings & Reviews, click Settings → Manage Site.

  2. From the Cancelled Orders Feed Format dropdown menu, select TurnTo Format.

  3. In the Cancelled Orders Feed Url field, enter the feed URL.

  4. (Optional) Click Test.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update to save your changes.

To deliver via the TurnTo API for Emplifi Ratings & Reviews, see Automating Feeds with the TurnTo API for Emplifi Ratings & Reviews.

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews cancelled order feed format

Ensure that your feed file adheres to these formatting requirements:

  • The feed must be a tab-delimited text file.

  • The first row of the tab-delimited file must include at least the required headers, in any order.


Header Required

Value Required





The identifier for the order that was cancelled. This is the same identifier that was used to supply the order data to Emplifi Ratings & Reviews in the batch or JavaScript feed.




The SKU of the item that is being cancelled or returned from the order. If more than one item from an order is being cancelled, include a line for each item. If the entire order has been cancelled, leave the SKU field blank.


For your reference, the following is a sample cancelled order feed.

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