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May 2, 2024

Unified Analytics

New Facebook Boards

In Unified Analytics, we are expanding Facebook analytics with dedicated boards for video content and global pages.

  • Video Insights
    This board provides the following data for Facebook profiles (you can select one profile at a time):

    • Video audience retention

    • Total times watched

    • Video views

    • Unique vs. repeat views

    • Auto-played vs. click-to-play views

    • A variety of 10- and 30-second view widgets

  • Global Insights
    You can now quickly review the performance of your brand’s global pages with two new boards: Overview and Global people insights.
    (info) Due to changes at Facebook, pages migrated to the New Pages Experience (NPE) might not be available.


Learn more:
Unified Analytics - List of Boards
Unified Analytics - List of Widgets


Tag LinkedIn Personal Profiles in LinkedIn Post

In Publisher, when drafting a post for LinkedIn, you can now tag/mention LinkedIn personal profiles in your post.

Only personal profiles that follow at least one of the accounts used to create the post through Publisher can be tagged.


Learn more:
LinkedIn Publishing
Content Options in Publisher


Filter and Break Down Care Dashboard Widgets by Profile

You can now filter and/or break down data by profile in the following Care widgets:


Learn more:
Analyze Performance of Your Care Operations

Mark Care Case as Done, Pending, or On Hold when Posting Reply

When posting a reply to a Care case, you can choose to mark the case as done, pending, or on hold when posting the reply.


Learn more:
Respond to a Care Case
Change the Status of a Care Case

Duplicate Case Views and Case Fields

In Care, you can now create new case views and case fields by duplicating existing ones.


This helps you save time when you need to create a large number of new views/fields with similar parameters.

Learn more:
Create Case Views in Care
Create Case Fields in Care


Export and Share Data

In Community, you can now export messages from a feed to an XLSX file and then:

  • Download it

  • Send it to someone as an email

  • Schedule a regular email


You can also export all comments from a specific Community message:


Data export can help you with various tasks:

  • Data backup and recovery
    Create a backup for archiving purposes or for data recovery.

  • Data analysis
    Use the exported messages for analysis, reporting, and insights in third-party tools.

  • Compliance and audit
    Ensure that communication records are maintained.

  • Sharing and collaboration
    Share specific message threads or conversations with colleagues who may not have access to the Emplifi platform.

Learn more:
Export and Share Community Data


Re-establish Expired Connections in Multiple Profiles at Once

If you have a few profiles with expired connections, you can now re-establish the connections for all those profiles at once.


Learn more:
Check and Establish Connections of Owned Profiles


Create Support Ticket Directly from Librarian

If Librarian’s answer does not provide the information that you require or if you are trying to solve a more complex issue, you can now create a Support ticket directly from Librarian.


Learn more:

IMPORTANT! Power BI and Tableau Web Data Connectors

Upcoming Deprecation of Power BI Connector and Tableau Web Data Connector

We are planning to deprecate the Emplifi Power BI Connector and Emplifi Tableau Web Data Connector in August 2024.


Please start updating your reporting tools and procedures to move away from the Power BI Connector and the Tableau Web Data Connector.

Instead of the connectors, please consider using these options instead:

If you have any question or concern, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Learn more:
Integrate Data from Emplifi into Microsoft Power BI Using the Emplifi Power BI Connector
How to Set Up Tableau Web Data Connector (WDC) with Emplifi

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