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Librarian is your AI-powered assistant that helps you answer your questions directly in the suite’s selected components.

Emplifi Librarian.gif

You can access Librarian directly from Emplifi at any time.

  1. Click the Help & support icon.

  2. Type your question and wait for Librarian to generate the answer.

Move the Librarian window across the workspace window for a better visual reference between the answer and the user interface.

Best practices

Librarian is an AI tool designed specifically to help with using Emplifi. To get the best out of it:

  • Ask it a specific Emplifi question.
    Example: Rather than typing Emplifi Link, ask it to help you achieve the actual goal How do I schedule link in bio?.

  • Avoid single-word prompts.
    To understand your question, Librarian, as any language-model AI, needs context. If you type in rule, Librarian will use the Emplifi platform as a context. If you type Facebook, Librarian will give you an answer but it may be too generic.

  • Give Librarian a chance.
    Librarian may give you the answer that you need immediately. Opening a support ticket will delay your answer.

Get more information

Related links

  • You can quickly navigate to the top level topical documentation page.

  • Once we gather enough usage data, a list of question-specific links will appear.
    (warning) Librarian is an artificial intelligence tool. While highly autonomous and constantly learning, it may produce incorrect answers. Always verify the output before executing.


  • Let us know if you found the AI response helpful so we can refine the answers.

  • Fill in the feedback form and let us know what works and what does not - and not just about Librarian.


  • Librarian is not a live chat but you can ask it as many questions as you like.

  • At the moment, Librarian only understand English. But it can answer in other languages if you ask it nicely 🙂.


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