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Create Case Fields in Care

This article is for the users who have an account role with the “Supervisor” level of access to Care (that is, for Account Admins and the users who have a custom account role with the “Supervisor” permission in Care; see Account Roles).

Case fields allow you to define cases in a way that matches, for example, your specific product lines, social media outlet, priority, or region. The fields that you define will be available on the Care home screen where you assign the case to an agent. You can also use the case fields to filter Care views (see Create Case Views in Care).

A case field can be of the following types:

  • Single-select
    Allows agents to select only one option from the options that the supervisor specified.

  • Multi-select
    Allows agents to select multiple options from the supervisor specified.

  • Text
    Agents can type in any text or a number.

  • Number
    Agents can enter any number.

  • Date
    The field accepts any single date (past or future). Date ranges are not allowed.

Create a case field


  1. Go to Settings -> Care -> Case fields.

  2. Click + Create field.
    The settings panel slides out.

  3. Enter the name of the case field.

  4. (Optional) Add the description for the case field.

  5. Specify whether the case field is mandatory.
    (info) You cannot mark a case as done if a mandatory case field is not filled in.

  6. Select the type of the case field.

  7. If you selected Single-select or Multi-select, provide available values that a Care user can set the case field to.

  8. Once done, click Create.

    The case field is created and is automatically placed at the end of the list of the existing case fields. The field status is set to OFF (the field is disabled).

  9. To enable the new field, toggle the switch in the Status column to ON.
    The case field is enabled and appears on the case property panel in Care.

  10. (Optional) Move the case field within the list to make the case fields appear in the right location on the case property panel (see “Reorder the case fields” further in this article).

Reorder the case fields

The enabled case fields appear on the case property panel in the order in which the case fields are listed on the Case fields page.

A newly created case field is automatically placed at the end of the list of the existing fields on the Case Fields page. As you create more case fields, make sure that their order is according to your business requirements and is exactly as you want the case fields to appear on the case property panel in Care.


  1. Go to Settings -> Care -> Case fields.

  2. Locate the case field that you want to move to a different position.

  3. Hover over the number of the case field, then drag and drop the field to the new position.

    The case field is moved to the new position in the list.

  4. Keep moving the case fields within the list until the order is according to your business requirements.

Edit a case field

To edit a case field, click its name in the list and update the field details.

  • To avoid reporting and sorting inconsistencies, you cannot change the type of the field (for example, from “Number” to “Multi-select”).

  • To prevent further inconsistencies, you cannot remove an option from single-select and multi-select case fields as they can be used in a case.

Delete a case field

To delete a case field, hover over the field and click the trash can icon that appears.

You cannot delete a case field that is used as a filter in a view.

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