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Escalate a Community Message to Care

To be able to escalate Community messages to Care, you must have the Care module enabled in your Emplifi account. If you do not have the Care module enabled, contact your Customer Success Manager at Emplifi.

For more information about the Care module, see Care.

When your social media community teams or a bot cannot handle a message, they can escalate it to the Care module where your specialists can continue with the interaction without leaving the Emplifi Suite.

Escalate a Community message to Care manually

When you manually escalate a Community message to Care, you do not assign a profile to the escalated case in Care. Care agents and supervisors can decide which profile they use to reply to messages after escalation.


  1. In Community, click the ellipsis menu in the message that you want to escalate to Care, and click Create Care case.

    The panel for escalating from Community to Care slides out.

  2. Fill in the details for the message to escalate, and click Create case.
    The message is escalated, and you can now find it in Care.
    (info) The fields reflect your setup of custom fields in Care. We encourage you to customize your case fields to allow your agents to fill more case details (see Customize Your Care Settings). This will help you add the escalated case to specific Care views to be picked up by the right agent.

  3. Go to Care to address the escalated case (see Manage Community Escalations with Care).

Escalate a Community message to Care automatically

The Emplifi Suite allows you to define filters to automatically escalate Community messages to Care based on predefined rules. To set up automation, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Community messages that were picked up by Listening and automatically escalated to Care are not tied to any specific profile.

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