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Work with Care Cases

Locate the case you want to work on. You can review one of the default Care views (see Use Standard Care Settings), review a custom view (see Create Case Views in Care), or search for the case (see Search within Care).

Layout of a Care case

The Care layout is designed to help you get a clear overview and then drill down easily to the details of individual escalations.

  • The left column displays the current view with individual cases.

  • When you click a case in the view, it displays in the middle column where you can review the conversation history.

  • The right column displays the details of the specific user-case combination.


The case property panel in the right column has the following tabs:

  • Case
    On this tab, you can assign the case to a specific Care user, review/update the case priority and sentiment, and fill in the case fields.
    (info) You can create your own case fields and place them in a certain order on the Case tab (see Create Case Fields in Care).

  • Customer
    On this tab, you can review and update the details about the customer.

  • History
    This tab shows the history of the customer on the social media platform from which the case was initiated. You can review conversations and individual cases involving this customer.

  • Salesforce
    This tab allows you to review Salesforce information related to the customer and the case (see Integrate Care with Salesforce).

How to work with a Care case

The following are basic operations that you can perform on a Care case:

Typically, unless a Care supervisor assigns cases to Care agents, you start with assigning a case to yourself and then responding to the customer.

History of the exchanges within a Care case

Care has an unlimited data retention period. Unless you delete a case, it stays in the tool forever along with the exchanges with the customer.

Only the last 500 messages in any direct conversation are visible.

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