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Manage Community Escalations with Care

The Care’s module home page allows you to manage your Community escalation. It provides the essential overview of the current case flows. Click Inbox to review all cases that are currently escalated to Care.

Before you proceed, ensure that you reviewed the following sections for prerequisites and the role setup:

You can review existing escalations, edit details for individual cases, assign agents, review the escalations' history, change the status, and edit customer details. You can also reply directly to a query.

To learn more about default visibility settings for agent and supervisor roles, see Use Standard Care Settings.

For customization options, see Customize Your Care Settings.

Manage escalated cases

To ensure that your team can handle escalation efficiently, fill in the details of each case. The Care layout is designed to help you get a clear overview and then drill down easily to the details of individual escalations.


The left column displays the Inbox with individual cases. When you click a case in the Inbox, it displays in the middle column. You can review the conversation history and assign the case to an agent.

The right column displays the details of the specific user-case combination on the following tabs:

  • Case
    Assign the case to a specific agent and fill in the case fields.
    (info) You can customize the case fields to match your business needs. To learn how, see Customize Your Care Settings.

  • Customer
    Enter the details about the specific customers.

  • History
    Review the history of the customer on the social network from which the case was initiated. You can review conversations and individual cases.

  • Salesforce
    Connect the case with a Salesforce account and enter the case details.

Close and reopen the case

Only assigned users (agent, supervisor) can change the status of the case, including marking it as Done/Spam. For details, see Set up Care Roles - Agent and Supervisor.

Mark a case as Done

If you resolve the case that was assigned to you, you can mark it as done.

A case marked as done enters a grace period during which it is considered closed. That means that it is handed back to the Community agents.

When a case is marked as done, Care agents and supervisors cannot reply to it unless they reopen the case again.

If a customer posts a new message (comment, wall post) during the grace period, the Care case automatically reopens. As a result, Community agents are locked out of the messages again.

Messages arriving after the grace period are treated as unrelated to the case. Community agents can escalate them to Care as new cases.

By default, the grace period for cases marked as done is five days. You can adjust the length of this period based on your business requirements (see Customize Your Care Settings).

Mark a case as Spam

When you mark a case as spam, you are effectively closing it.

A case marked as spam closes immediately, and there is no grace period when a customer can reopen the case.

Reopen a case

You can reopen a case that you already marked as done or spam if there is no newer case with the same profile/customer.

As an agent or a supervisor, you can only reopen the case if it is assigned to you. If needed, you can assign the closed case to yourself and reopen it.

Case history

Care has an unlimited data retention period. Unless you delete a case, the cases will stay in the tool forever along with the exchanges with your customers.

Only the last 500 messages in any direct conversation are visible.

Handle hidden and deleted posts

This section applies only to the content (posts, comments, tweets) from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

Sometimes, a customer that you are engaged with through a Care case, deletes or hides the original post.

When a customer hides their post, the post will be marked as hidden in Care. You can still reply to a hidden message but your reply will be only visible to the specific customer. Your options to comment and send direct messages remains unchanged.

If a customer deletes their post, the post will be marked as deleted in Care. You cannot interact with deleted content.

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