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Assign a Care Case to a Care Agent

A new case arriving to Care does not have anyone assigned to it. Assigning a Care agent to the case allows this agent to start working on the case and to respond to the customer. It also moves the status of this case from New to Open. If the Care agent gets unassigned from a case, the case status moves back to New. For more information about the case statuses, see Change the Status of a Care Case.

You can reassign a case from yourself or the currently assigned Care agent to the other agent at any point regardless of the current case status.

If you want to assign a Care agent to multiple cases at once, see Perform Operations on Multiple Care Cases at Once.


  1. Click the case that you want to assign a Care agent to.

  2. Assign the case to yourself or another Care agent.

    • To assign the case to yourself, click Assign me to this case under the case conversation or click Assign to me on the Case tab of the case property panel.
      You are assigned to the case.

    • To assign the case to another Care agent, click the dropdown on the Case tab of the case property panel, and select the agent to assign the case to.
      The agent is assigned to the case.

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