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Care allows you to escalate specific messages from Community on individual basis to customer care agents within the Emplifi platform.

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When your Community team or a bot cannot handle a message, they can escalate it to the Care module where your specialists can continue with the interaction without leaving the Emplifi platform. For more information about how to escalating content from Community to Care, see Escalate a Community Message to Care.

  • Care aggregates all the communications between an individual customer and each of your profiles in one case so that you can easily review the whole history of the exchange between the customer and a specific profile.

  • Care offers a wide range of customization options that you can configure to suit your product lineup, social media presence, regional and language reach, severity, and so on.
    For more information, see Use Standard Care Settings and Customize Your Care Settings.

  • Care comes with its own analytics that provides comprehensive data on agent-customer interaction. It comes with ready-to-use dashboard templates and a set of metrics in customizable widgets.
    For more information, see Analyze Performance of Your Care Operations.

  • You can integrate Care with your Salesforce environment and take on the individual cases from your own support environment.
    For more information, see Integrate Care with Salesforce.


Before you start, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

Get started with Care

To get the most from your work with Care, consider the following best practices:

To bring Care automation to a whole new level, contact your Emplifi Customer Success Manager and ask them to set up workflows for automatic analysis and labeling.

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