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Care allows you to escalate specific cases from Community on individual basis to customer care agents within the Emplifi platform.

When your social media community teams or a bot cannot handle a message, they can escalate it to the Care module where your specialists can continue with the interaction without leaving the Emplifi platform.

The Care module offers a wide range of customization options which you can configure to suit your product lineup, social media presence, regional and language reach, severity etc.

Care comes with its own analytics that provides comprehensive data on agent-customer interaction.

The Care module integrates with Community, user management, and comes with two dashboard templates and a set of metrics in customizable widgets.


To use the Care module, ensure that

  • the Community module is enabled in your Emplifi environment.

  • you connected social media accounts and profiles to your Emplifi account.

  • you enabled Community Management on your connected social media profile.

Before you can deploy Care in your workflow, you must

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