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Set up Care Roles - Agent and Supervisor

The Care module supports two user roles:

  • supervisor
    Manages the Care team and configures the Care module to support the processes for the Agents.

  • agent
    Focuses on responding to messages and resolving cases.

When you first activate the Care module, all users with the account role of Account Admin have the Supervisor level of access to Care. Account User and Client roles cannot access Care unless they are assigned the Care-specific role.

Care account role options are available in the Roles & permissions menu in Settings.

Care roles descriptions

While the roles of agents and supervisors in the Care management and set up are clearly differentiated, when handling the cases, the agent and supervisor roles are rather similar.

Assigned supervisor and agent

If an agent or a supervisor were assigned to a case, they both can do the following:

  • unassign a user (agent or supervisor) from a case

  • assign an eligible agent or any Supervisor to a case

  • use the Reply Box

  • change the status of a case (incl. Spam)

  • update case fields

  • update customer Info

  • delete a case

Unassigned supervisor and agent

For any new and unassigned case, an unassigned supervisors and agents can do the following:

  • assign a user to a case

    • A supervisor can assign any user (agent or supervisor) to any case.

    • An agent can assign an eligible user.

      • Agent 1 can assign a case to Agent 2 only if they both have access to the case through the same custom view.

      • Agents can assign a case to any supervisor (escalation/vacation/resigning).

  • delete a case

  • update customer information

Supervisors can also update Case Fields. For details, see Customize Your Care Settings.

Unassigned users (agents and supervisors) cannot:

  • use the Reply Box

  • change the status of a case (including marking it as a spam).

To learn what are the default views for agents and supervisors in Care, see Use Standard Care Settings.

Connect Care roles with account roles, user groups, and profiles

To configure your Care setup to suit your requirements, see the following sections:

Care-Salesforce Integration Roles

Integrating bi-derectional integration between Care and Salesforce requires setting up specific account level permissions.

To learn more, see Set Up Account Level Permissions for Salesforce Integration

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