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Set Up Account Level Permissions for Salesforce Integration

Control who in your Emplifi account can access and use Care and Salesforce integration.

Before you proceed, ensure that you are familiar with Care-specific roles and set-up options.

Create a Care-Salesforce account role

If you want to enable Salesforce access for an existing care role, simply select the role from the list in Roles & permissions, and continue from step 5.


  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click Roles & permissions.

  3. Click Add account role.
    A New account role panel opens.

  4. Click Care to set up the basic Care role.
    The default is No access, so ensure that the new role has some level of Care access:

    • agent

    • supervisor

  5. Click Salesforce integration.

  6. Select permission that you want the new role to have in Salesforce:

    • View Salesforce accounts

    • Add Salesforce accounts

    • Remove Salesforce accounts

    • Edit Salesforce field mapping

    • You can further define contacts and cases permissions:

      • no access

      • read only

      • read, create

      • read, create, modify

  7. Click Save.

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