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Emplifi Public API Integration

To keep it very simple, an API (Application Programming Interface) is basically a way of accessing data and other services between different software programs.

From the customer point of view, Emplifi API could be mainly used to retrieve social media metrics from profiles monitored in a client’s Emplifi platform to be used or visualized in another tool or solution. This is done automatically; so, there’s no need to create an export, edit the export, conform to the expected data formats in another application, and copy that file to a different application.

For situations when reports are a daily requirement, or when the data available in our exports contain metrics that aren’t that relevant for the desired analysis, it might be very useful for developers to automatically extract data from our API and generate their own dashboard/report, combining social data from Emplifi with any other data in the desired predefined format.

How to get access to Emplifi API

  1. Go to your Emplifi Platform Settings → Integrations & API.

  2. In this menu, you have all the possible integrations we offer displayed.

  3. In case the Emplifi Public API integration is not yet activated, press the Request button - your Account Manager will be automatically notified and will contact you as soon as possible.


If you have the Emplifi API integration, you should receive an email from our support team with your login API credentials (token and secret), by request. It’s important to mention that all the data pulled from the API will depend on the pages and corresponding data connections monitored in your Emplifi platform, meaning that, for example, you won’t have access to insights metrics data if:

  • You don’t own the page;

  • Insights are not connected;

  • The insights token is expired.

You will have access to the pages’ public data as long as it’s being monitored in your Emplifi platform.

How to Log in

To log in to our API, all you have to do is enter the credentials granted by us, in your tool. The API credentials will be generated from a user in your Emplifi platform.
Each user has its own API credentials (unique).

The API login credentials will look as the example below:





To dive deep into the details, you can find our official API documentation here:

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