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Add a Profile as Owned (Private) or Public

This article is for the users who have an account role with the “Add Pages & Profiles” permission (that is, for Account Admins and the users who have a custom account role with the “Add Pages & Profiles” permission under “Pages & Profiles”; see Account Roles).

When adding a profile for a social media account to the Emplifi Suite, you can add it as either owned (private) or public.

Where to find profiles

You can access all the profiles, owned and public, in the Settings section of your Emplifi account, under Profiles. To display the owned or public profiles on the top, sort the profiles by ownership:


Owned profiles vs. Public profiles

Owned profiles

You can add an owned profile for a social media account to the Emplifi Suite if you have credentials to the account (can log in to the account) and have sufficient permissions in the account itself (the required permissions depend on the social media platform). When adding an owned profile, you will be asked to log in to the social media account and allow Emplifi to access all the relevant data required.

With an owned profile, you can see the insights of the connected social media account, post content to the account directly from Emplifi, and so on (the allowed actions depend on the social media platform).

Public profiles

To add a public profile, you do not need to have credentials to the social media account. Typically, you would add a public profile for the account of an influencer or a brand that you follow on social media.

For public profiles, you cannot see any insight data or publish content to the connected social media accounts. For public profiles, you can obtain only public data that is available via the API, which you can then analyze and use as a performance benchmark.

Add an owned profile

You can add owned profiles for accounts on the following social media platforms:

Add a public profile

You can add public profiles for accounts on the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • X (formerly Twitter)

  • YouTube


  1. Go to Settings -> Profiles.

  2. Click +Add profile.
    The dialog for adding a new data source pops up.

  3. Click Add public profiles.
    You are prompted to search for the social media account.

  4. Enter the name or the URL of the account that you want to add.
    All the supported social media platforms are searched, and the results are populated as you type.

    • (warning) When entering a URL, avoid using special characters (such as é, ç, ł, or others). They may not get recognized or interpreted correctly, and the account you are looking for will not be found.
      Update the URL so that it contains only the supported characters. For example, if the URL contains plzeň, replace it with plzen or plze%C5%88.

    • (warning) When searching for an X (formerly Twitter) account, always provide either the full URL with as the domain name or the full username (also knows as “handle”). Due to how the X (formerly Twitter) API works, searching for anything else (for example, a display name or a partial username) may not find the account that you are looking for.
      For example, to find the X (formerly Twitter) user with the username joe_doe_says_hi, enter either or joe_doe_says_hi rather than joe doe.

  5. From the returned results, select the accounts that you want to add, and click Select profiles.
    The dialog shows the accounts that you selected.

  6. (Optional) Perform the following actions:

    1. Click the group icon to set up the visibility of the profiles in the Emplifi account.
      By default, the profiles are set to be visible only to you and Account Admins (for more information about visibility, see Set Up Visibility of a Profile).

    2. Click the label icon to assign labels to the profiles (for more information about the labels, see How to Set Up Labels).

    3. Select the timezone to apply to the profiles.
      The profile timezone affects how the profile data is processed in the Content, Publisher, Dashboard, and Analytics modules.
      By default, the timezone is set to your default timezone.

  7. Click Add profiles.
    The selected accounts are added as public profiles and appear in the list of profiles.
    (info) Downloading and parsing all the data from the added social media accounts via API is going to take some time. How long it will take depends on the amount of data to be downloaded. Typically, it takes a few seconds; however, in extreme and rare cases, it may take up to 40 hours.

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