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Facebook Reels

Facebook reels for private profile data are available across the Emplifi platform components:

  • Facebook reels are only available for private profiles and do not cover public data.

  • Facebook’s Video Views metric implementation in Facebook Reels may return an empty value.
    We flagged the issue with Meta and are in touch with them in an effort to resolve it. If you believe that you are affected by this issue, contact Emplifi Support.

  • Facebook reels use just one video views metric. No other data is included and FB reels do not support the organic/boosted split. This is down to API limitations. As a result, we are using the blue_reels_play_count mapped into Emplifi's video_views metric.

Facebook reels in Dashboard

You can create a reels-based media type filter for your data visualizations in your dashboards.

The following flexible, post-level widgets support Facebook reels data:

Facebook reels in Content Hub

Facebook reels display in Content Hub as any other type of content. That means that you can create a Facebook reels based filter. For Instagram reels, see Instagram Reels in Organic Analytics).

Facebook reels in the Analytics’s Campaign view

Facebook-specific template

In the Facebook template, reels send data to the following charts:

  • Average reach

  • Content by media ( count as reel)

  • Content by profile

  • Content by sentiment

  • Content by type (count as value=post )

  • Content impressions

  • Distribution of interactions

  • Engagement rate

  • Impressions by media type

  • Interactions

  • Interactions by media type

  • Most engaging post types (engagement rate broken down by media type)

  • Number of posts

  • Number of comments

  • Reactions

  • Reactions in time

  • Video views

  • Video views in time

Cross-platform template

In the cross-platform template, facebook reels are sending data to the following charts:

  • Content by platform

  • Content by sentiment

  • Content impressions

  • Content impressions by platform

  • Content impressions time by platform

  • Content in time by platform

  • Content in time by Sentiment

  • Engagement rate

  • Interactions

  • Interactions by platforms

  • Interactions in time

  • Number of comments

  • Number of posts

  • Video views

Facebook reels in public API

In the Emplif’s API, you can filter Facebook reels by selecting media type filter to reels.

Task automation Rule-based labelling

You can create task automation rules that include Facebook reels as a content type.

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