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Interactions (post)

General description
The sum of lifetime interactions for a set of content published during the selected date range. The interactions are related to content publishing time. The set of content can be defined by profiles, content labels, or profile labels and filtered using various parameters.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube

Platform reach

Alternative/specific description

  • Instagram
    Number of interactions (likes + comments) received by all your monitored instagram profiles over a selected date range.

  • Twitter
    Sum of Interactions (Likes + Replies + Retweets) received on your tweets from a selected date range.

  • LinkedIn
    Sum of Interactions (Likes +Comments) received on your posts from a selected date range.

  • Facebook
    The sum of interactions (reactions, comments, and shares) divided by the number of posts and published on the same page during a specific time range. The Aggregation shows the sum of this metric for all posts published on a particular day, during a particular week or month.

Organic or Boosted

  • Organic
    Instagram, LinkedIn

  • Organic + Boosted

Private or Public

  • Public
    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

  • Private
    LinkedIn, Pinterest




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