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Widgets Dictionary

This section provides a comprehensive overview of widgets that are available in Emplifi’s Dashboard module.

Widget’s characteristics

Widget Name

The name of the widget as it appears in Dashboard.

General description

Description of a widget that outlines its functions. In case of cross-platform widget, it description is platform-neutral.


Lists platform where the widget can be deployed.

Platform reach

  • Cross-platform
    You can use a cross-platform widget to analyze multiple platform simultaneously.
    For more information, see the list of Cross-platform widgets.

  • Multi-platform
    A multi-platform widget works with several platforms but can only analyze one platform at a time. In other words, you need to deploy one widget per platform.

  • N/A
    A widget is either platform-agnostic or supports just one platform as indicated.

Alternative/specific description

Typically, an alternative or specific description expands on generic description either by providing more details or by describing how the widget works on specific platforms.

Organic or Boosted

Determines, whether the widget shows data from the organic or the boosted (paid) content (or both).

Individual social network platforms may change what type of data are processed by their APIs. This can happen with or without announcement and may not be included in the respective platform’s documentation.

Private or Public

Indicates whether the widget works with private or public data.

Post-level or Profile-level

Post-level widgets
Display lifetime data from individual posts published during the selected time period of your analysis. All post data is aggregated and displayed for the day the post was published, regardless of when the engagement happened.

  • When you analyze a post-level metric, you will see the performance of your content published during the selected time range - or as part of a specific campaign.

Profile-level widgets
Attribute data to the profile/page, focusing on when engagement happened, regardless if a post was published during the analyzed date range or not. Data is aggregated by when it happened, and it is not related to a specific piece of content.

  • By analyzing a profile-level metric, you will see the overall performance of your profile(s) during a selected range.

For more information, see Post Level vs Profile Level Widgets.


This widget only accepts ad accounts as sources, therefore the data are only coming ads or boosted posts. Typically, such data are boosted + Private. Historical availability of ads data for all platforms is two years from connecting an account.


How the widget (metric) is calculated.

Dashboard template

Dashboard template availability.


Definition of the metric’s dimension.


Platform module that the widget is specific to.

Common abbreviations

  • Ads - advertising, Ads and paid content

  • AN - Audience Network

  • AB - Global App bundle

  • Fb - Facebook

  • Ig - Instagram

  • LI - LinkedIn

  • Me - Meta Messenger

  • Pa - Pangle

  • PN - Publisher Network

  • Pt - Pinterest

  • Sc - Snapchat

  • TT - TikTok

  • Tw ( X ) - Twitter

  • YT - YouTube

Additional information

Some widget availability depends on your Emplifi pricing plan. If you find a widget that is not available in your Emplifi plan, contact your Emplifi account manager.

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