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Measure the Response Time of Your Community Management Team

Community Reporting allows you to report on the Average Response Time to your fans' incoming messages (DM's included). You can compare the response time of your team members as well as the response time of your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. 

To create a response time report, first create a new Dashboard:

  1. Go to Dashboard

  2. Click '+ Add' in the panel and choose 'Dashboard'

  3. Choose the Community Performance template

  4. In the side panel on the right side, select the profiles and users (or groups) you'd like to report on

  5. Click 'Create Dashboard'

  6. Find your response time widgets at the bottom of the Dashboard

Alternatively, you can add response time widgets to an existing dashboard:

  1. Go to Dashboard

  2. Click '+ Add' in the panel and choose 'Widget'

  3. Select Cross-platform widgets

  4. Choose either the Direct Messages Response Time by Profile or the Direct Messages Response Time by Users widget

  5. Set data source

  6. Click 'Create Widget' 

Direct Messages Response Time by Profiles

To configure this widget, choose the profiles you'd like to report on as your data source. There are three versions of this widget. The Value and Evolution widgets display the Average Response Time for the profiles you have chosen. The Line Chart widget allows you to compare the Average Response Time of selected profiles. 


Direct Messages Response Time by Users

To configure this widget, select one of the following as your data source:

  • Users - Individual team members whose Average Response Time you'd like to compare

  • Groups - Teams whose Average Response Time you'd like to compare


The Average Response Time displayed in this widget contains data collected from all your profiles connected in Community where the user - or your team member - is active. 

For the most accurate reporting on response time, set your Business Hours. 

Business Hours

Business Hours are the hours when your community management team is available and able to respond to your fans’ messages. These need to be filled out so you can get the most accurate Average Response Time for direct messages. 

If you don't set up your Business Hours, the response times displayed in the widgets might be much higher than expected (i.e. fans could be sending messages at night or during holidays or weekends). 

You have to be an Account Admin in Emplifi Suite to set your Business Hours. Follow these steps to set them up now:

  1. In Emplifi Suite, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner

  2. Go to Settings > Profiles

  3. Select the profile you'd like to set Business Hours for

  4. Select the tab 'Business Hours'

  5. Set Business Hours and holidays


It is very important to set Business Hours for each of the profiles you're reporting response times for. Note that when you set up or change your Business Hours, we will not recalculate your past Response Time. 

Tip: If your team is on duty 24/7, you do not need to set Business Hours.

Once your Business Hours are set, the Response Time widget automatically takes them into account. You're all set!

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