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User Menu

The User Menu contains links to essential components of Emplifi Bot.

Accessing the User Menu

  1. Open the vertical panel on the lefthand side of the Emplifi Bot platform by clicking the Expand button.

  2. At the top of the vertical panel, click your Company Name. A drop-down containing the User Menu displays.

User Menu Items

The following Emplifi Bot components are available to access through the User Menu:

  • Settings
    On this page, administrators can configure and manage Emplifi Bot. For more information, see Bot Settings.

  • Channels
    On this page, you can configure the interfaces that customers use to “chat” with your bots. For more information, see Channels.

  • Handlers
    On this page, you can configure the handlers that detect the “intent” of customer messages and then direct or answer the customer in a predefined manner. For more information, see Handlers.

  • APIs
    On this page, you can configure the application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable interactions between Emplifi Bot and other software systems. For more information, see APIs.

  • Media
    On this page, you can upload, store, and organize custom media files to use when configuring your bots. For more information, see Media.

  • Document Search
    On this page, you can supply your bots with documents that it can then send to users as answers to their questions. For more information, see Document Search.

  • Agents
    On this page, you can add and configure agent groups, which allow you to organize, direct, and oversee the agents who respond to bot conversations that have been escalated to a live person. For more information, see Agents.

  • Messengers
    On this page, you can configure the chatbot messenger interface that users interact with on your company's website. For more information, see Messengers.

  • Distribution
    On this page, you can configure outgoing SMS or email "blasts" to a predefined group of users. For more information, see Distribution.

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