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Curate Collected Content

After setting up and saving your collection settings, your collected content will land in your album's inbox. Follow these steps for a general curation workflow:

  1. Go to CurationAlbums and select an album.

  2. Click Inbox in the top left corner of your album dashboard.

  3. Click on a piece of content.

  4. A lightbox will pop up where you can approve or deny the content by clicking the Approve or Deny buttons.

    • Denied content will be moved out of the inbox and into the denied folder, but can always be put back into the inbox.

    • Approved content will be moved out of the inbox and into the approved section of the album

  5. To request permission to use content, click the green “Regular Permission” button to the right side of the lightbox and select a preset template. To learn more, see Send Permission Requests and Permission Request and Comment Best Practices.
    (info) Steps 5-8 can also be done within the album's approved section. Feel free to choose whichever flow works best in your favor.
    Quick check for approving content:

    • Does this photo/video emulate my brand?

    • Is this photo/video high-quality?

    • Is the caption on-topic and relevant?

  6. If you have added products to Emplifi UGC, now is the time to have your content assigned with the appropriate products to make them shoppable. Within the content's lightbox, click “Assign Product” and choose the product(s). To learn more, see Tag a Product in a Piece of Content in an Album.

    (tick) No products to add? Add a CTA instead to drive customers to a specific landing page, category page, or gallery.

  7. To copy a piece of content into other albums, click the “Copy Content” button, select the albums where you’d like the piece of content to exist, and click the blue “Apply” button.

  8. Finally you may want to include other things within your curation workflow. Here's a list of what else you might consider:

    • Assigning Tags

    • Adding Internal Notes 

    • Scheduling Content

    • Favoriting Content

    • Using Filters 

You can save a lot of time when assigning products, requesting permission, copying content, etc by using the multi-select tool to have the functionality applied to multiple pieces of content at once.

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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