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Tag Album Basics

Tag albums are used to organize content in your account. Create tags to categorize things such as activities, locations, content categories, and campaigns.

If you're using one of our E-commerce integrations, we will automatically pull in all of your categories from your product feed.

You can use tag albums to publish tag specific galleries on your site or create Interactive Social Hubs.

To access the tag album dashboard, under the Curation dropdown in the top navigation bar, select Tags. From here, you can see your a list of your tags, including how many products were tagged in each tag album. Click on View Content to open that tag's album. 


How is Content Added to a Tag Album?

Content is added to the tag album when either of the following conditions are met:

  • When a content tag is assigned to a piece of UGC, either manually or by our Image Recognition software.

  • When a product that is assigned a tag is added to a piece of UGC.

If a piece of content has more than one tag, it will appear in multiple albums.

Create a New Tag

New tags can be added either through Curation → Tags or any field that says Add a tag.


  1. Click on Curation in the top navigation bar and select Tags.

  2. Within your tag album dashboard, click Create New Tag.

  3. Enter the tag name and choose a tag color.

  4. Click the blue checkmark to save.



  1. In the details panel for a piece of content in an album, click Assign a Tag.

  2. Enter the tag name. If the tag already exists, it will populate underneath.

  3. Choose a tag color and click Save.


If you have one of our eCommerce integrations installed, new tags will automatically be added as your product feed changes within your site. 

Create a Tag Product Tree

A tag product tree allows you to automatically associate tags with different products, so that when you assign a particular product to a photo, associated tags will also be added. 

  1. Click the blue product tree icon next to a tag.

  2. Search for the products that you would like to associate with the tag and click the ones you want.

  3. Click Add Products to have the products added to the tag


Publish a Category Description Page (CDP) Display

Go to our developer documentation to learn how to publish CDPs. Please make sure you've selected the correct ecommerce integration and then scroll down till you come across the CDP section. You can select this on the left side panel upon clicking into the link. 

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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