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Image Recognition

Emplifi UGC uses our own image recognition software to generate keywords for the objects and themes that the software identifies within photos. The 20 most common keywords identified for photo content inside an album appear as Filters under Image Recognition in the Inbox, Approved, or Deleted section of that album.

How Does Image Recognition Work?

When a piece of UGC is first collected, our image recognition software uses AI to analyze the content and generate keywords for any objects or themes it identifies within the photo. A piece of content can have more than one keyword. For example, if the software recognizes something as a mountain in a piece of content, it might also recognize the content as being a natural landscape.

Image recognition works only for photo content.

Any content that might be explicit or of low quality (for example, a piece of content that is a duplicate of another piece of content in the album) is identified as spam and sent to the spam folder for the album. This can take up to one hour to complete.

Some flexibility is built into the spam filter to prevent sending to the spam folder any content that might interest brands who sell products like swimwear, lingerie, and baby products. In addition, if you suspect that a large amount of your brand’s content may be sent to spam because your products can be misused, please contact support to address this.

The top 20 keywords can be accessed through the Filters for your Album, or you can Search the Image Recognition database directly for other keywords your content might have.

The image recognition software processes your UGC to identify possible content categories. For assistance identifying specific products in your product catalog, you can use our Visual Search feature. To learn more, see Tag a Product in a Piece of Content in an Album.

Use Image Recognition to Automatically Tag Content

Currently, this feature is free and available to all customers but disabled by default. To enable this feature, you can contact our Emplifi Customer Center to make a request.

Instead of manually browsing your collected UGC and applying tags directly, Emplifi UGC can automatically tag the content in your albums as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. A tag with the exact same name as the image recognition keyword exists in your Curation → Tags list.

  2. The content was collected after the Image Recognition to Tag Album feature was enabled.

For example, if you create a tag with the name Chair, whenever a piece of content is collected and given the Chair keyword by the image recognition software, the content also receives the Chair tag and appears in the inbox of your Chair tag album. But because image recognition happens at the time the content is collected, any content that was collected before the feature is enabled cannot be tagged automatically.

If you are unsure of what to name your tag, you can gain inspiration by looking at the Top 20 Image Recognition keywords list in your album filters or by doing an Image Recognition search from one of your albums.

Learn more:
Tag Album Basics

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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