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April 8, 2024

Unified Analytics

New Board in Listening

In Unified Analytics, we added a new board for the Listening module: Crisis Management.

This board allows you to observe spike alerts for proactive crisis management.


Learn more:
Unified Analytics
Crisis Management and Spike Alerts in Listening


Max Number of Characters Allowed in TikTok Post Increased

In Publisher, when creating a new post for TikTok, you can now use up to 2,200 characters.


Learn more:
TikTok Publishing
Create, Schedule, and Preview a Post

Link in Bio Analytics Moved to Unified Analytics Module

We moved Link in bio analytics from the Publisher module to the Unified Analytics module.

Now, to see how your page is doing, click Analyze on top. This will open a new tab with the Link in Bio Performance board in Unified Analytics.


Learn more:
Emplifi Link in Bio
Analyze Emplifi Link Performance

Dashboard, Content, and Unified Analytics

Replays of Instagram Reels Counted as Views

Views of Instagram reels now include replays of the reels. Before, only the initial play of a reel was counted as a view.

In other words, for the time being, Instagram Reels are counted as follows:

  • in video views = plays + replays

  • in content impressions = initial plays

Here is what this change may affect:

  • In Dashboard, the numbers that the widgets Content impressions and Video views (post) show:

  • In Content, the number that the View views metric shows:

  • In Unified Analytics, the change impacts any widget that works with Instagram video views metric and reels data.

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Video views (post)
Content impressions
Instagram Reels in Organic Analytics

Live Commerce

Android App Enhancements

We released a new version of our Live Commerce Android app - v2.7.28.

This version brings in-app training videos for Live Advisor clerks. The trainings videos help the Live Advisor clerks learn to use all features confidently and train themselves within their downtime to improve how they serve customers.


How can you get the new version?
Log out of the app and then log back in. As you are logging in, you will be notified of the app update and prompted to download and install it.

iOS App Enhancements

We released a new version of our Live Commerce iOS app - v1.44.14.

This version brings a few bugfixes and enhancements to the underlying infrastructure.

How can you get the new version?
Once the new version of the app is available in the App Store, it will be downloaded and installed according to how your app update process is set up.


Multi-language Support and Automatic Translation Beta

This release includes:

  • Further updates to the multi-language support for the Bot interface

  • Access to an open beta program of automatic translation capabilities for Bot nodes, intents, and routing rules

Learn more:
Prepare Your Bot for Translation and Multilingual Support

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