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April 17, 2024

Unified Analytics

Two Instagram Boards under Profile Performance Revamped

In Unified Analytics, we reconfigured the following Instagram boards with new widgets:

  • Content performance

    • Content by media type

    • Video views by type

    • Video views trend

  • Story engagement

    • Story impressions by media type

    • Story impressions by media type trend


The changes were driven by your feedback, and they allow you to perform a more accurate analysis of video- and reel-related data from your Instagram content.

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Compare Multiple Listening Queries

In Unified Analytics, you can now easily compare multiple listening queries on the following Listening boards:

  • Aggregated overview

  • Platforms

  • Sentiment

  • Volume

Go to any of these boards, and click the Multicomparison tab.


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Compare Listening Queries in Unified Analytics

Inspect Widget Content Data in Content Module

In Unified Analytics, when reviewing a bar chart widget on a dashboard, you can now click a bar in the chart, and this will redirect you to the Content module where you can review the underlying content in details, with the same sorting and aggregation settings as set up on the original Unified Analytics dashboard.


This allows you to explore content that is behind the analytics data and to see what exactly is impacting the analytics the most. You can, for example, find the causes of a suspicious spike or reasons for a significant performance boost.

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Make Labels Required When Scheduling or Publishing Posts

In order to enforce the use of labels, we have introduced the ability to designate content label groups in Settings Labels as required for publishing. You can designate a label group as required during the creation of the group or by editing the group later.

When a label group is required for publishing, users who can see the label group must select at least one label from the group before scheduling or publishing the post in Publisher. If there is more than one required label group, at least one label must be selected from each required label group.


Posts that were already scheduled or posted before a label group was made required do not need any further action.

However, when you edit the post, a label from a mandatory group must be applied before the post can be saved.

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Compose Reply to Case with AI Reply Assistant

In Care, you can now use the AI reply assistant to create replies to Care cases.

The AI reply assistant helps you quickly compose a reply based on a text prompt and then helps you further modify it until it is up to your expectations and you are ready to post it.


The AI reply assistant is also available in Community!

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Respond to a Care Case

Generate Case Summary

In Care, when handing over a case to another Care agent after having been working on it for some time, you can now generate a brief summary of the case and post it to the case as an internal note. This helps both you and the other agent save time and effort:

  • As the original agent working on the case, you no longer have to manually write up a summary from scratch.

  • The agent who takes over the case can quickly get up-to-speed and pick up exactly where you left off; they do not need to spend time reading through the whole case conversation.

  • The customer does not need to repeat information that has been already given in the case.


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Generate a Summary of a Care Case


Compose Reply to Message with AI Reply Assistant

In Community, you can now use the AI reply assistant to create replies to Community messages.

The AI reply assistant helps you quickly compose a reply based on a text prompt and then helps you further modify it until it is up to your expectations and you are ready to post it.


The AI reply assistant is also available in Care!

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Respond to a Community Message

Schedule Repost on X

In Community, the option for reposting the content on X (formerly Twitter) now allows you to schedule the repost.


The scheduled reposts appear under the Scheduled section in Publisher where you can review or cancel them just as any other scheduled post.

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Job Queues and Intents Interface

This release includes:

  • Updates to how job queues are processed for Bot flows

  • Further updates to the Intents interface

  • Bug fixes, including messaging channel removal and deleted bots

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Emplifi Bot

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