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Scheduled Post Options

Click a scheduled post on the calendar grid to display a panel with the post’s details.

Multiposts scheduled for multiple times display in a single panel.

The panel displays the following information:

  • post content

  • scheduled date and time (including multiposts scheduled to multiple times)

  • publishing platforms

Use panel’s options to interact with the post and change its parameters.

  • change the status of the post

  • add labels

  • add internal notes

  • assign the post

  • get the profile info

  • display the activity log (who created the post and when edits were done)

  • publish, edit, duplicate, and remove the post

Delete Posts in Publisher

After you schedule a post, you can delete the post to remove it from the Calendar in Publisher. If the post is already published, the post is removed from both the Calendar and the platform the post was published to.

Due to Instagram API limitations, when you delete an Instagram post from Publisher, you must also delete the post from within Instagram.


  1. Find the post in the Calendar or Sent sections of Publisher.

  2. In the post, click the ellipsis (...) menu.

  3. Click Delete.
    The post is removed from the Calendar. If the post was already published, it is also deleted from the platform it was published to.

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