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January 24, 2024

Unified Analytics

Compare Multiple Profiles across Different Platforms

In Unified Analytics, you can now easily compare multiple profiles from different social media platforms directly in the Profile performance module. Go to the Overview board under Cross-platform, and click Multicomparison.


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Compare a Profile with Another Profile

Compare Performance of Your Profiles to Your Competitors

In Unified Analytics, you can now see how your profiles are doing compared to other public social media profiles (those may be your direct competitors, influencers, or brands that you follow on social media).

This feature is available for Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), and YouTube. You can find it on the Public profiles board of the respective platforms in the Profile performance module.


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Working with Public Profiles in Unified Analytics

Support for Snapchat Metrics

In Unified Analytics, we added support for selected Snapchat metrics to the Profile performance and Campaign & Labels modules.

In these modules, Snapchat is available as a separate platform with its own boards. In addition, you can select Snapchat profiles on the cross-platform boards of both modules.


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Unified Analytics

New Boards in Listening

In Unified Analytics, we added the following new boards to the Listening module:

  • Platforms
    Slice the listening mentions by social media platforms they are collected from, and see the key metrics for each platform.

  • Sentiment
    Analyze listening mention sentiments (positive/neutral/negative) from different angles: discover sentiment trends, check how sentiments vary on different social media platforms, and so on.

  • Volume
    Check out various quantitative indicators of your listening mentions: the number of authors, mentions, social interactions, plus their trends.


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Unified Analytics

Enhanced Multi-word Search

In Unified Analytics, we enhanced the algorithm behind the search to better understand the context of multi-word search queries and to look for a relationship between the words and their specific location within Unified Analytics.

For example, searching for impressions facebook will now return the impression-related widgets and metrics that are specifically located on the Facebook boards.

This enhancement makes the search process faster and more efficient and provides you with more accurate and relevant results.


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Search in Unified Analytics


PrimeTime Post Scheduling for TikTok

In Publisher, when scheduling a post for TikTok, you can now use our PrimeTime algorithm that recommends the best time to post and also shows what increase in visibility you can expect at the suggested times.


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Scheduling Options


Top Themes: Improved Precision and Support for More Languages

We updated the language model behind the Top themes aggregated view, which is a part of the Listening solution in the Analytics module.


The Top themes aggregated view shows what is being discussed in the listening mentions. Themes are more specific than interests (those are shown in the Interests aggregated view). You can think of the themes as particular things that can be generalized and grouped into interests.

Here is what’s new:

  • For the already supported languages (Czech, English, Portuguese, and Spanish), we improved the precision of theme detection.

  • We added support for a few new languages: Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Thai)

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Listening - General Guide


Bug Fixes and Error Messages

This release includes:

  • Fixes for identified bugs within the agent management console

  • Updates of error messages in the event of uploading files that are too large for specific channels

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