In this article, we’ll go through all the feeds available in the Community module of Emplifi.

Setting up a Feed

Each column you see once you enter the Community experience is called a "Feed". The set up is customizable per user, so build the view that best suits the ways you work. 

You can add new feeds (also from the same type) simply by pressing the “+ Add Feed” button at the top left corner:

You can rename each feed by pressing the pencil icon next to each feed’s title (just hover your mouse close to the title):Press the dotted button next to the feed’s name, to filter, enlarge or delete the feed.- This filter option will be applied to the specific feed only. (To check how to filter across all feeds, check the filters guide here).

Community Feeds

  • Incoming
    This feed includes all the incoming comments from all message types (see the table in Content Types & Historical Data, Update Frequency in Community) except for Direct Messages.

  • Sent
    The Sent feed displays all the posts, and replies made by the Page’s/Emplifi Suite users.
    Includes posts published directly on the social media platform and through Emplifi Publisher.
    A post published through the Emplifi Publisher will always display its creator’s user name:

  • Direct Messages
    Feed for Direct Messages only (available for Facebook and Twitter only, in Community).
    Due to Facebook platform policy, you can only reply within 7 days to Facebook direct messages through third-party solutions such as Emplifi. This limitation applies to all vendors on the market. You can still reply directly on Facebook.

  • Promoted Posts
    This feed displays Promoted posts only (boosted posts).

  • Boosted Posts
    Paid unpublished content that will appear on the Page’s Wall.
    Not available for Twitter.
    Comments on boosted posts will be displayed under the incoming feed.

  • Dark Posts
    This feed will display Dark Posts only. It will not include any comments made to these posts.
    A Dark Post is an unpublished paid post, targeted to a specific audience. This type of content appears on the specified users’ feed, and not on a Page’s wall.
    Dark posts will be available only if the Ad account is connected with your Emplifi’ Suite Account.

  • For Approval
    This feed is especially useful if you’re working as a team. If a reply is made by a user without the right permissions to publish in Community (needs approval), the reply will be pending for approval:

    The order on this feed is from the oldest to the newest content.

  • Publishing Problems
    This feed will display any faulty replies made by your “Community Pages”. Or better said, replies that didn’t go through.
    The problem can usually be fixed by pressing the Resolve Error button. Once you press that, you will get a description of the error, and what to do next.

    • At the moment, publishing errors for retweets are displayed in our Publisher module. Retweets are also visible in Publisher's Calendar.

    • In fact, every error related to a piece of content created with publishing intentions (in other words, to populate an owned profile feed or such) will only be shown under the Publisher Publishing Errors section.

Today, it's so important to do all that you can to maintain trust and consistency with your social media communities.

Centralizing community management is the way to handle this at scale. With custom Community feeds, you can deliver audience-focused care quickly and productively.