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Priority Score

Whenever inappropriate comments (hate speech, profanity, racism) or super harsh complaints come up, it’s crucial to resolve them quickly.

Emplifi Priority Score sifts through the noise to help community managers focus on these critical comments, as they happen.

How does the Scoring Work

The algorithm learned how to prioritize and sort your incoming messages depending on which action was used in the past by Emplifi’s Community users. And now, the Priority Score uses the same judgement on similar incoming mentions, comments, ad comments, and wall posts, equally, for every Emplifi Account. For example:

  • Hiding, banning, or deleting a comment: 81-100 (Urgent)

  • Replying to the comment or reply: 51-80 (High)

  • Liking the comment or reply: 21-50 (Medium)

  • No action or marked as done: 0-20 (Low)

How to Set Up Your Priority Score Sorting in Community

Since the priority Score algorithm deals with incoming messages, you need to set up either an Inbox Feed or an Incoming Feed, and then, simply sort it by priority.

Once the feed is sorted by priority, you will see the priority tag on each incoming message it as displayed below:

For more specific information about the score, you can hover the tag to discover the exact score assigned by the AI, as highlighted in the image above.

Languages supported

  • Afrikaans AF

  • Albanian SQ

  • Arabic AR

  • Aragonese AN

  • Armenian HY

  • Asturleonese AST

  • Azerbaijani AZB

  • Azerbaijani AZ

  • Bashkir BA

  • Basque EU

  • Bavarian BAR

  • Belarusian BE

  • Bengali BN

  • Bishnupriya Manipur BPY

  • Bosnian BS

  • Breton BR

  • Bulgarian BG

  • Burmese MY

  • Catalan CA

  • Cebuano CEB

  • Chechen CE

  • Chinese ZH

  • Chuvash CV

  • Croatian HR

  • Czech CS

  • Danish DA

  • Dutch NL

  • English EN

  • Estonian ET

  • Finnish FI

  • French FR

  • Galician GL

  • Georgian KA

  • German DE

  • Gujarati GU

  • Haitian HT

  • Hebrew HE

  • Hindi HI

  • Hungarian HU

  • Icelandic IS

  • Ido IO

  • Indonesian IN

  • Irish GA

  • Italian IT

  • Japanese JA

  • Javanese JV

  • Kannada KN

  • Kazakh KK

  • Kirghiz KY

  • Korean KO

  • Latin LA

  • Latvian LV

  • Lithuanian LT

  • Lombard LMO

  • Luxembourgish LB

  • Macedonian MK

  • Malagasy MG

  • Malay MS

  • Malayalam ML

  • Marathi MR

  • Minangkabau MIN

  • Modern Greek EL

  • Mongolian MN

  • Nepal Bhasa, Newari NDS

  • Nepali NE

  • Newar NEW

  • Norwegian NO

  • Norwegian Nynorsk NN

  • Occitan OC

  • Panjabi PA

  • Persian FA

  • Piedmontese PMS

  • Polish PL

  • Portuguese PT

  • Punjabi PNB

  • Romanian RO

  • Russian RU

  • Scots SCO

  • Serbian SR

  • Serbo-Croatian SH

  • Sicilian SCN

  • Slovak SK

  • Slovenian SL

  • Spanish ES

  • Sundanese SU

  • Swahili SW

  • Swedish SV

  • Tagalog TL

  • Tajik TG

  • Tamil TA

  • Tatar TT

  • Telugu TE

  • Thai TH

  • Turkish TR

  • Ukrainian UK

  • Urdu UR

  • Uzbek UZ

  • Vietnamese VI

  • Volapük VO

  • Waray WAR

  • Welsh CY

  • Western Frisian FY

  • Yoruba YO

Limitations For the BETA Release

  • It’s not available for Direct Messages, yet.

  • For now, the priority score works for comments, ad comments, wall posts, and incoming mentions.

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