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February 7, 2024

Unified Analytics

Support for TikTok Ad Accounts

In Unified Analytics, you can now analyze data from your TikTok ad accounts on the Paid insight overview board under the Paid module.


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Paid and Organic Data in Unified Analytics

New Boards in Listening

In Unified Analytics, we added the following new boards to the Listening module:

  • Audience
    Discover who the authors of the listening mentions are. Get an overview of their age, gender, language, and more.

  • Key topics
    Dive deep into your customer conversations. The algorithm behind this board dissects sentences to understand what is actually being said. As the result, the board shows the most trending topics, their sentiments, and descriptive keywords that are most frequently associated with them.


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Unified Analytics

Live Commerce Module

We released Live Commerce, a new module in Unified Analytics.

The Live Commerce module lets you track and monitor metrics on operational efficiency, stream health, and revenue outcomes across all Live Advisor interactions.

The Live Commerce module is available per request. If you would like to have this module enabled, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

The following boards are available under the Live Commerce module:

  • Executive summary
    Track service availability, revenue, and routing: check the total number of unique users, the number of orders, conversion rate, and more.

  • Network performance
    Monitor the quality and stability of live calls within the selected date range.

  • Advisor performance
    Examine performance metrics for specific Live Advisor clerks.

  • Operational performance
    Assess the efficiency of your Live Advisor team: check the number of hours logged in, the total talk time, and more.


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Unified Analytics

Community and Care

Create Salesforce Lead Directly from Community and Care

For the customers who integrated the Community and/or Care modules with Salesforce

You can now create a Salesforce lead directly from Community


…and Care:


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Create a Salesforce Case or Lead from Community
Create a Salesforce Case or Lead from Care


The Product Name in CurationProducts and the Product Details panel when assigning products to content is now a clickable link. Clicking the link takes you to the Product Link defined for the product. If a product is in more than one region, then the clickable link uses the region’s Product Link. A preview of the URL also displays in the lower-left corner of most browsers when you hover the mouse over the link.


Before this update, the only way to learn the Product Link for a product was to edit the product, or in some circumstances, through a request to Emplifi Support. This change makes it easier to verify that the product is using the correct URL before publishing content to your widgets.


Filter Profiles by Community Connection

You can now filter profiles by their Community connection status - that is, whether the profiles are enabled for Community.


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Activate Profiles for Community and Set Up Profile Roles
Add a Profile as Owned (Private) or Public


Multi-reply Customization and Bugfixes

This release includes:

  • Updates to multi-reply Submit and Cancel buttons to allow customization

  • Updates to case escalation for Agents, allowing case population when case search is disabled or unavailable

  • Bug fixes for data exports

  • Removal of legacy functionality

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