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Paid and Organic Data in Unified Analytics

Unified Analytics processes both paid and organic data. This article explains where and how you can utilize paid data.

Paid module

You can analyze the paid analytics data in the dedicated Paid module.

Paid module in Unified Analytics.png

Ad accounts data are available from the following social networks:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Messenger

  • X (formerly Twitter)

  • TikTok

  • Audience Network

  • Publisher Network

Paid boards use data from Marketing API and the data source is always an ad account.

Campaigns data availability coming soon.

Widgets on a Paid module board indicate ads data - great if you plan to share your board with your stakeholders or clients. For more information, see Share a Unified Analytics Board.

Paid data widget.png

Paid vs Organic data split in general boards

Organic vs Paid data split feature is currently available in Facebook boards only in the Profile performance module (Facebook Overview and Facebook Performance). This mirrors the functionality added to selected Dashboard widgets. For details, see the Organic vs Boosted/Paid split option (Facebook only) section in Content impressions.

Unified Analytics relies on data as served by the respective available API calls. Those typically result in organic and paid data coming in a single stream.

Some APIs allow us to process organic and paid data separately. In such cases, you can analyze data in two types of widgets:

  • direct breakdown comparison in dedicated paid vs organic widgets

    Paid vs Organic in UA widget.jpg
  • toggle display among organic vs paid vs organic & paid

    Organic vs Pad data toggle.gif

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