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Share a Unified Analytics Board

You can easily export and share UA boards in multiple formats. You can do it manually at any given moment or you can automate your boards distribution with the scheduling feature.

This article describes available sharing options:

  • create a one-off PDF report

  • export an XLSX file for additional analysis

  • email the report (in a PDF format)

  • create a schedule to automatically generate a PDF reports and send it to the interested parties

  • share a URL link

See Share a Unified Analytics Widget to learn how to export an individual widget.

Create a one-off PDF or XLSX file

To quickly share a board at any given moment, you can simply export it in the PDF format or export data as an XLSX file.

Unified Analytics Export PDF and XLS.png

A PDF file is great for general sharing your board with a wider audience while you can use data from XLSX exports for further analysis.

Schedule the report

When scheduling a report, you have the following options:

  • recipient email

  • personal note

  • frequency

    • daily

    • weekly

    • monthly

    • quarterly

  • customize the name of the report

If you schedule a time comparison version of your board, a brand new time comparison report will be generated based on the scheduled frequency.

Sharing the link is the easiest and fastest way to distribute a board to members of your account in Emplifi Suite for immediate review.

Unified Analytics Copy Link.png
  • A link expires if nobody visit it for a year. Each visit resets the countdown.

  • Links can be viewed only by people with access to your Emplifi account.

TV mode

Use the TV mode to present your boards full screen without the Emplifi platform user interface. This might be useful when you want to show an active board during a presentation or a Zoom call.

To activate the TV mode, simply click the expand icon to display the board on the full screen.

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