This guide will give you a solid understanding of how to monitor Private (Owned) Instagram profiles along with insights and publishing permissions in your Emplifi Suite Account.

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Add Owned Instagram Pages to Emplifi Suite


Before adding an Instagram account as Private, or connecting its insights and publishing permissions, be sure you fulfil three major prerequisites:

  • The Instagram profile has to be Professional (either Business or the Creator Type - Publishing is blocked for Creator profiles)

  • The Instagram profile needs to be connected to a Facebook Page

  • The page will only be added as private if the conditions to connect both insights and publishing permissions are met - the user needs to have either the admin or editor Facebook Page Role.
    If the user attempting the connection has, for example, the moderator page role, the connection won't be successful (the moderator role has permissions to connect insights, but not the publishing permissions).
    For a deeper understanding of the prerequisites needed for Instagram data connections with Emplifi, check out our guide Prerequisites to Add Instagram Profiles and Data Connections to Emplifi Suite.


  1. Now that you know what’s needed to add an Owned Instagram profile, press the +Add a Social Profile button found at the top right corner of your Emplifi Suite Account.

  2. A pop-up window will appear. Here, you have the option of adding Private and Public profiles. To know more about it, check our general guide How to Add a Page as Private or Public - General Guide.

  3. Press Add Private Profiles

  4. Press Connect Instagram

  5. A  Facebook login is required in order to confirm if a user has the necessary permissions to connect sensitive data from Instagram with Emplifi.
    (warning) If you’re already logged in to a Facebook account in your browser, the login authentication step might be automatic, and the fill-in of the credentials won’t be necessary.
    This might cause trouble with the confirmation of the users’ page roles from Facebook in case you’re logged in to an undesired (in terms of this connection) Facebook profile.
    Let’s say, for example, that you have 2 different Facebook Profiles: your personal profile (without access to your company’s Facebook Page) and a profile created specifically for your job/activity (with admin access to your company’s Facebook Page).

    • You are currently logged in your personal Facebook profile and attempt to add a Facebook page as private to your Emplifi Suite Account.

    • Plainly speaking, the Emplifi platform will detect which Facebook session you’re currently logged on and analyze whether the page role has sufficient rights to share private data with Emplifi

    • However, since your personal Facebook profile doesn’t possess such permissions to your company’s Facebook Page, it will result in an error.To avoid any issues or errors with the login authentication step, it’s recommended that you:

      • Either log out from all of your current Facebook sessions and try to connect your page as private again —> This time, you should be prompted to log in with your Facebook account, on a new window;

      • Or, open an incognito window in your internet browser (find how here), and continue to step 7.
        The incognito window works as a separate browser, and it doesn’t keep any of the active Facebook sessions from your regular browser windows.If you were already using the incognito window, and logged on a Facebook profile through it, the session will be kept until logout).

  6. Enter your Facebook login credentials. 

    • If it’s the first time you’re attempting an Instagram connection with Emplifi, you will be asked to allow our platform to access all the relevant data required (please allow!).

    • If it’s not the first time, you should simply be asked to log in to a Facebook profile, since the access to all the relevant data required was previously granted.

  7. If the credentials are correct, and if your Facebook Page roles are detected as sufficient, the page will be added along with its Insights and Publishing Permissions.

What if the connections were not successful?

If you run into any issues connecting your private data, please remember: it won’t be possible to add a page as Private if the user doesn’t meet the 3 major prerequisites stated at the start.

Consider the following steps: 

A. If you receive an error mentioning that your Facebook login does not have the correct Page role:

  • Double-check that you’ve used the correct Facebook login.

  • Double-check if your Facebook Page role meets the requirements (either Admin or Editor).

B. Remove Emplifi’ Business Integrations from your Facebook Profile:

  • Go to your Facebook profile

  • Press Settings

  • Press Business Integrations

  • Pick the Emplifi Business Integration

  • Press Remove


    Once Emplifi’s Business Integration is removed from your Facebook profile, the platform will lose connection with the previously granted access to the relevant data.

    Try adding the page as private again.

Still having trouble with Data Connections? Contact Support

If you’re having trouble with this process, support is always here for you. We do recommend as one last check, to make sure you understand the main prerequisites for adding an Instagram account and its Data Connections with your Emplifi Suite Account, as this is usually where the issue is:

  • The Instagram account has to be Professional (either Business or Creator);

  • Instagram Creator profiles are closed to the use of Publisher and Community;

  • The Instagram account has to be connected with a Facebook Page;

  • The user needs to have the proper Page Role on Facebook;

  • Understand the difference between a Facebook Page (same as Facebook Business Page) and the Business Manager;

  • Check Cannot Connect Instagram Private Data Connections - Facebook Bug and Workaround if you are sure to have the correct role, yet not being able to connect the permissions.

The following will significantly help with support’s investigation if shared since your first contact with them:

  • Include the URL from both the Instagram account and the Facebook Page it’s connected to;

  • Send a full-screen screenshot to our support with the confirmation of the above from Facebook Settings → Instagram, for each Facebook Page - Instagram connection;

Finally, send a full-screen screenshot with the confirmation of your page role from the Facebook Page Settings → Page Role, for each Page you are facing issues with.