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July 11, 2024

Unified Analytics

Comparison Boards for Facebook Profile Insights

Thanks to the new comparison options added to the Facebook profile insight analytics, you can now compare local and regular Facebook pages:

  • Time comparison

  • Profile vs. profile

  • Multicomparison (compare multiple profiles at once)

You can find the new sub-boards in Social profiles -> Facebook -> Owned profiles -> Profile insights:


Learn more:
Compare a Profile with Another Profile


AI Image Score

With our new AI image score feature, you can now automatically rate the quality and expected popularity of the images in Content -> Collections. Designed to enhance social media marketing efforts, the feature evaluates the quality and effectiveness of visual content before you publish it to social media platforms.


AI image score is available by default for Business and Enterprise tier customers or as an add-on for Standard tier customers.

Learn more:
Use AI to Rate the Quality of an Image
Content Collections


AI Response Generation and Removal of Google Business Messages

This release includes:

  • A planned enhancement to the AI response generation tool (beta), increasing the character limit of source documents from 5,000 to 50,000

  • Removal of Google Business Messages as a channel due to Google's decision to remove support for the channel on July 31, 2024

Learn more:
Emplifi Bot

Main Navigation

Solutions: New Page to Review and Discover Emplifi Products

Review your Emplifi products and discover new solution options all in one place on our new Solutions pages directly in your Emplifi account.


You can easily review product documentation and other resources, as well as book a demo for a specific feature.


IMPORTANT! Power BI and Tableau Web Data Connectors

Upcoming Deprecation of Power BI Connector and Tableau Web Data Connector

We are planning to deprecate the Emplifi Power BI Connector and Emplifi Tableau Web Data Connector in August 2024.


Please start updating your reporting tools and procedures to move away from the Power BI Connector and the Tableau Web Data Connector.

Instead of the connectors, please consider using these options instead:

Learn more:
Integrate Data from Emplifi into Microsoft Power BI Using the Emplifi Power BI Connector
How to Set Up Tableau Web Data Connector (WDC) with Emplifi

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