Creating a post in Publisher can be a very creative process thanks to an array of content options and tools.

You can specify:

  • media content (photos, videos, gifs) from various sources

  • links, including Emplifi Link in Bio

  • text content which you can write yourself or use AI Composer

  • comments

  • location information

  • labels

Available content options depend on the selected profiles and platforms.

Content sources

  • Upload photo, video or GIF
    Choose and upload a file from your computer or LAN location. You can upload multiple images at once.

    If the image does not conform to the size requirements, do one of the following:

    • Click the Convert icon to automatically convert the image to an appropriate format.

    • Click the Crop icon to adjust the image manually. The crop menu opens.

    • Click the Delete icon to remove the image and upload another one.

  • Import from web/cloud
    Use your cloud storage as your content resource.

    (info) You will have to sign in to cloud services.

  • Upload from Collections
    Reuse content already in your Collections.

  • Import preview link
    The URL builder helps you add parameters to URLs. When users click one of the custom links, the unique parameters are sent to your Google Analytics account, so you can identify the URLs that are most effective in attracting users to your content.

  • AI Composer
    See AI Composer for more information.

Additional content options

Target your audience

Define the demographics you want to target with your post.

You can specify the following characteristics:

  • age (including restrictions)

  • languages

  • country, region, city

  • college years

  • education level

  • relationship status

  • interests

You can further specify where the posts appears by checking/unchecking the following fields:

  • Feed targeting
    A targeted post will only show up in the newsfeeds of users that fit the criteria of the targeted post. If a user shares the post, then the users friends will be able to see the post regardless if they are a part of the targeting set. The post will be visible to all users that visit the page.

  • Gating
    A gated post is restricted to language and country. Gated posts will not show up in the newsfeeds of users outside of the gating criteria. Only users that fit the criteria of the gated post will be able to see the post.

Branded content

Specify your business partner for the specific post.

Add label

Select from the existing labels or create a new label to mark your post for other Emplifi platform features such as Listening.

Schedule your content

Use this option to delay publishing your post to a specific day and time in future. Scheduling allows you to set up posts ahead of a campaign launch.

Dark post

Facebook and Instagram only.

Click this option if you want the post to appear as a dark post (sponsored content) in the followers' feeds.

Link in bio

This option is available if you have created a link in bio microsite for your Instagram profile. For more information, see Emplifi Link in Bio.


Add a comment to start discussion or provide additional information about your content, giveaways or sponsors.

Comments will be published along with the post.