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Working with Widgets and Metrics

Use the Widget wizard to configure widgets to suit your analytical needs and define the form of the widget’s visualization on the dashboard.

For a comprehensive overview of the widgets and metrics that are available on the Emplifi platform, see Widgets Dictionary.

When you open the Widget Wizard, the widgets are displayed with several details to help you choose.

Widget types

Emplifi widgets are, effectively containers for metrics and specific parameters that reach out to your data, do the math and visualize the result in a form of a chart.

You can categorize widget by several ways:

  • by social network/platform
    Some widgets are platform-specific, some work across multiple platforms. This is determined by what data and how individual platforms make data accessible to third party tools.

  • by how they work (how they are applied)

    • post level

    • profile level

  • Emplifi module that they work with

    • Care

    • Community

    • Listening

  • Paid content

    • The so-called ‘ads’ widget can process data generated by paid content on individual platforms.

These categories overlap and a single widget can be cross-platform and ads, or post level and cross-platform.

Data visualization


Displays the results of widget’s data processing as a series of numbers.


Displays data as a column chart.


Displays data as a pie chart.


Displays data as a pie chart.


Displays data as an area chart.


Available only for the Interactions per 1k followers, Direct messages response time, and Response time dashboard widgets

Displays data as a table.

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