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Configure Your Link in Bio Microsite

After you define your site’s URL, the microsite editor opens.

In this workspace, you can define and view the following elements:

  • Name of your site
    Change the site name without impacting the URL.

  • Links
    Create and manage the content of your microsite.

  • Appearance
    Change the visual look and feel, add the header image, background picture, and social profiles.

    (info) The visual editor is both intuitive and comprehensive. You can customize details such as corner radii of individual elements. We encourage you to experiment with the editor to get the feel that you are after. To learn more, see Design Your Emplifi Link Microsite.

  • Analytics
    Find out how your microsite is doing.

Create links to content

In the Links section, you can add the following types of content to your microsite:

  • buttons

  • a social grid

After you create a new page element, it is automatically saved as a draft.

Toggle the Draft switch to display the content on the preview mobile screen. Only the content that appears on the preview screen will be published when you click the Publish changes button.

Clicking Publish changes pushes ALL changes to your microsite, including changes that you made in the appearance section.

Add a button


  1. Click Add item, then click Button.

  2. Enter the button’s name and the URL.
    (warning) Both fields are required.

  3. (optional) Upload the thumbnail image.

  4. To preview the button, toggle the Draft switch.

  5. To publish the button to you microsite, click Publish changes.

You can access draft buttons that you created from the Publisher’s Create post menu and schedule them as any other post.

Add a social grid

Add a social grid to your microsite so you can schedule publishing of individual posts to both your social profile and the link in bio microsite. You can only have one social grid per a microsite, but you can connect multiple profiles to one grid.


  1. Click Add item, then click Social grid.

  2. Select the profile from which you want to add content to your microsite.

    (warning) You can only use Instagram profiles that you have Content Creator level access to in Suite.

  3. Click Add published posts.
    The list of published posts displays.

  4. Add images and reels to your microsite from your Instagram content. You can select multiple posts. Click Apply.

  5. Review the content ownership disclaimer that displays, then click I agree.
    The social grid overview displays.

  6. Enter the URL for the selected content.
    (warning) A URL is required for each image.

  7. To preview the button, toggle the Draft switch.

  8. To publish the button to you microsite, click Publish changes.

Edit and remove the content

Use the Publish/Draft toggle to control and edit the content on you microsite.

Content creation

When you begin to built your microsite, any new item that you add defaults to draft. Use the toggle to preview the content on the phone screen.

With toggle in the ON position (Blue), you can preview the changes in real time.

The content that appears on the screen will be published when you click Publish changes on top of your screen.

Content update and editing

If you want to edit your microsite, for example to change or remove the element, follow these steps:

To remove a link:

  1. Toggle the Published toggle to the off position (from blue to gray).

  2. Click Publish changes.
    The toggle changes from Published to Draft.

This hides the element from your microsite. If you want to remove the element completely, click Thrash icon.

To edit a link:

To edit a link, you do not have to toggle the switch to the off position. Simply edit the element and click Publish changes.

Change the order of the items

To change the order of the items on you microsite, simply drag them into the order that you want.

Do not forget to click Publish changes to propagate the changes to the microsite.

Edit and remove Link in Bio content

You can alter any element of the microsite content in the Emplifi Link in Bio module.

  • To edit the content, find the post, make the desired changes, and click Publish changes.

  • To remove a post, click the Thrash icon.

Preview the changes

You can easily preview the site before publishing by using the drop-down menu above the preview screen.

Link in Bio statuses

Posts in Link in Bio editor can have one of the following statuses:

  • Draft
    Gray toggle switch - a draft post (button or grid) that you created in the Link in Bio’s editor.
    Blue toggle switch - a draft post that will be published to your microsite when you click Publish changes.

  • Published
    Blue toggle switch - the post is live on the microsite.
    Gray toggle switch - the post will be removed from the microsite when you click Publish changes.

  • Connected
    Draft post that has a scheduled publish date. The draft post is associated (connected) with a Publisher post.

  • Scheduled
    Draft post that has with scheduled publish date (w publisher of course).

How to continue

To learn how to change appearance of your link in bio microsite and access analytics, see:

To connect Link in Bio with Publisher, see Integrate Link in Bio into Your Publisher Workflows.

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